Savage Archanic

No guts, no glory... however alive you may be

Icharus P. Wylde

I would love to say that our journey to the trulla isle was highly uneventful, however that is not the case. Upon arrival we were met surprisingly quick by trulla forces, nothing too difficult. On the downside, I did not get any of the fighting satisfaction that I had hoped for. We stood for days on the shore, learning little by little the trulla hand speech. Though we haven’t learned enough to be fluent we know how to ask if they understand or say that I don’t, as well as other gestures. The swamps were a rather ghastly reminder of home… Though the fortune swamps weren’t nearly as dangerous as these. We discussed out intentions with an elder of their kind called “sad mother”. She knew little bits of english, and this was even more surprising that they didn’t gore us with their clubs the moment we arrived (even though one did try). We eventually came to the understanding that “fast food” of the “Big Hunt” tribe would take us to fort stalwart, even though we were warned of the inhabitants. Another tribe called the “food bellies”… I think. However Sad mother couldn’t say they’re name without making a gesture and growling a bit, so as a whole we assumed they were not open for diplomatic intervention, nor would they be willing to let us have what we came for. If I remember correctly We trudged through those swamps for the better part of two or three days, and only on one of those days did we actually get to fight! Further disappointment once we actually got to stalwart. The place was apparently swarming, it was more than a tribe according to darius. But then again he also said they were walking around with skeletons, We know the trulla are smart, but are they really intelligent enough to grasp magic? The walk back was just as eventful as the trek there… only one fight, and it was with some giant swamp bug… nothing glorious. When we return to Atavan I’ll have to pick up new flint and steel. I gave Leader big hunt mine as a gift of fire. Damn marquee couldn’t resist using his magic around them so we had to give them something to calm them down, but it didn’t do that. Well, theres no glory in the trulla isle for a hero of men anyway… I suppose we’ll be home soon, thank the fates for that.


MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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