William Bartail

Commander of the Port, rough as an unboiled corncob.


Jeddick William Bartail is a rough, no nonsense scout. He is the commander of Whayn Port. He is know to be stubborn (as a dead mule) but fair. Some of the members of the Port trust him implicitly and others believe he is there only to line his own pockets. As a direct appointee of King Westron, he does have absolute authority of all activity at the Port.

He is slow to anything that does not require quick action. But for those things that require quick action, he is more than capable of being decisive and often acting correctly.


He has a “pet” burbear, called Wiggles. His wife died several years ago, and he is planning on separating after his 40 years of service to the crown in a bit more than a year.

William Bartail

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