Perpetual motion wagon for all life's little necessities


Using a combination of steam and clockwork the M.U.L.E… “McNittle’s Unstoppable Little Engine” provides the user with a quick starting, easy to control conveyance that consumes only small amounts of fuel and will continue to move forward, without added effort, until the brakes are applied.

With ingenious use of clockwork and designs inspired by pumpkin vines, Cecily McNittle has created a means of transporting goods that every civilized adventurer will desire. Large enough to carry your camp, victuals and water yet small enough to accommodate dwarven passages and narrow passes the M.U.L.E. can go virtually anywhere, allowing you to carry your own little piece of the Empire where ever you may wander.

Start up is enabled by the small steam engine located at the rear. When the proper temperature and steam flow is reached (in approx. 10 minutes when using coal) the M.U.L.E. can be tugged forward by use of the Guidance Bar located at the front. Once movement has been initialized the M.U.L.E. will continue forward until the brake lever (located on the Guidance Bar) is depressed. With the Guidance Bar one operator (yes, even a woman) can steer the M.U.L.E. through obstacles and around turns as needed.



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