Repeating Pistol (TL1)

A pistol that can fire multiple times before needing reloaded

weapon (ranged)

This large, and somewhat ungainly pistol hold 6 rounds of ammunition, that can be fired one after another, without the need to reload between. The bullets do not take too long to make, and are Completely Stable…no chance of them going off unless they are in the pistol!

Repeating Pistol
Multiple charges 6 (12 points)
Frail (any roll of 1 and it breaks)(-2 points)
50 days to make (5 days per point)
12 hours to recharge…to make 6 bullets…2 hours to make 1 bullet.

It takes 2 points from a persons tech pool to create their own version.

Costs 500 dollars ( 10 Crowns, or 5 Royals) (nearest item times 1/4 of the points)


Most of the commercially available repeating pistols are of this model. Those produced for the military do not have the frail hindrance, and therefore take 60 days to make.

Repeating Pistol (TL1)

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