Savage Archanic

Motivational Warrants and auspicious commissions.

Well. As badly as we all wanted out of Hullifer, we stayed there a month before we finally got the lead out and worked out what to do. We did spend it recuperating and laying low. I am amazed at how much I slept. I did, however, work on the plans for Icharus’ wings, and even though he says he has given up on the idea of being an airship captain as it is a childish dream, I still feel indebted to him and want to make him something that could save his life like he saved mine that day… not just anyone would throw themselves off a mountainside to save a falling girl.

But. Back to our departure from Hullifer. It started with the barkeep taking me aside and informing me “that red headed fella” was no longer welcome within the guild hall. Seems a warrant was issued for his arrest. According to the constable who came looking, one Icharus Wylde is wanted for questioning concerning his use of an official commissioned title… Captain. Dismayed and not sure how to go about telling Icharus he could not stay any longer I returned to the table where we were all breaking our fast, only to have the barkeep then ask us if we might be interested in a commission to the Trulla Islands. We looked at each other, some of us nodding and shrugging, others eyebrows raised in curiosity we agreed that we might be interested in such a commission. We then retired with the barkeep to his private office to discuss the terms of the commission. We all agreed that we could take on a journey to the abandoned fort there on the islands in the hopes of retrieving something belonging to an aristocrat’s grandfather. During the discussion the topic of burbears came up and Icharus and I talked about the one burbear we knew that was kept as a pet. This sparked the barkeep’s interest, and after asking us a few more questions he excused himself. When he returned he apologized and presented us with a sealed box…. from The Jeddic himself. Within were several black rubies a black iron spike and a scroll The scroll was him telling us he had been posted to Ristopia to beware Doman Leandra, who had taken exception to something Ich and I had done. Tucking it all away, we firmly agreed to the commission, accepted the five royals and began our preperations to travel to Hawthorn Town where the aristocrat would see us to give us the details we might need in order to succeed.

It is with quiet excitement that I look forward to the journey. The cograil is due to leave tomorrow morning and I have procured the mage car along with cargo space for the M.U.L.E. Now we only have to get through the night without being incarcerated or inebriated and we will be on our way to another new start. I find it funny, now, it could be the port I have been sipping, here in this quiet corner of the tap room, but, it is funny how the last time I went looking for a new start I wound up on the cograil to Hawthorne Town. This time I travel with companions, some old, some new, but none of them companions of my heart. I think, perhaps, I shall be condemned to companions kept at a distance for it is proven to me that young men of good standing are not interested in young women who have had their lives uprooted and their good standing somewhat tarnished and who have stepped out to take care of themselves. There. That IS the port talking… of that I am sure. Now. To see to my trunk and then to bed. The cograil awaits!

** GM Update **

The middle of autum has come upon Hulafir City, with cold and wet weather, and northerly winds from the coast. Our heros have had occasion to meet each other over the last month since the final encounter with the Ristopian twins.

Word has come to Cecily that a warrent has been issued for the arrest of Captain Wylde, and that he is no longer welcome in the halls of The Royal Guild of Exploration and Expansion. However, Guild Keeper Munteeth has a commision from Madam Doolin to explore the abandon settlement on the Trulla islands.

They hire the Mage Car for the Cog Rail to Hawthorne Towne

After an encounter with the Red Hats, they arrive, taking up at the Explores guild hall. The next morning, they meet with the Guild Keeper, arranging to meet Madame Doolin and setting up for Icharus, Darious, and Roman to become members.

The morning of the next day, they meet Madame Doolin, and recieve more detail of the expedition she has funded…

Dr. Franklinstone I presume...

In the morning we found the cadaverman had turned to liquid goo. It was repulsive, vile and vomit inducing. It attracted the constabulary. Cleaning it up left us ill, depressed and at a loss as to what to do. With an inspired idea we hired a tracker and went to the site where Darius had encountered the thing and its keepers to try to track backwards to their hideout. It worked too, only the trail did not lead us out into the wilds. It lead us right back to the outskirts of Hullifer and to an old, long empty estate. Surrounded by a wall, but showing not much of any activity we decided to return after dark to investigate. Our efforts at stealth were apparently unnecessary for the yard and ground level were void of anyone. The house was used, but not lived in. Furniture piled in one room on the ground floor and the rest left to the mold and dust. Upstairs however we found equiptment and monstrosities that made me wish I had chosen to stay at home in my cosy little room at the guildhall. Giant balls of lightening that drained (as we watched) a body hooked up to it with tubes and wires. In panels in the wall were more hearts (for lack of a better word) some with power nodes that looked to be attached to the ball of lightening. It was unnerving to listen and watch as the static charges could be felt coursing along your skin… in the eerie darkness it was easy to let your imagination take hold, easy to jump at shadows. We found where the two dark elves must have been sleeping, and then, we found access into the basement. Only Icharus went down, however, as the hole was small and would have been tight for some of us. I was happy to let him forge ahead and explore, especially after he described the horror being created down below. A man’s body was on a slab with an arm removed and things being grown onto it. There were also men and women chained to the walls. While we were removing those still alive, Icharus found a wall safe with several things inside… one of which was the light metal ring we had been sent to retrieve… I must say that I am certain there was more than what he told us of, but I am not going to complain. At this point I am well quit of the whole thing and am so very eager to be gone from this city that had once been my home. But I get ahead of myself. What we found sickened us all and angered most of us, especially Icharus. I don’t know exactly what is going on his red head, but he was beside himself, feeling out maneuvered or simply flummoxed at the apparent loss of a weapon he had set his eye on he wrote a hasty note telling the dark elves that we would meet them at the crossroads for an “exchange”.

In the morning we went to The Church to return the ring. I don’t know if we really thought we would get what had been promised, but I know at least some of us (alright… me) thought that what had been promised would actually be delivered. It was not. As a matter of fact, I probably made it all worse by losing my temper completely, shouting in the streets at the horrid, vile structure that housed the lying whoresons. But it gets better. Darius discovered that the house was now in the hands of the constabulary and the militia… and then… a note is delivered telling me to meet at the end of the cograil… but to come with honor or innocents would die.

I tell you I have had enough. I seriously don’t know what I thought I would find, traipsing around the country instead of doing what my father always wanted me to do, find that man, marry, and spend a happy, warm life puttering in our workshops together.

We met with the ristopians… that is what they are…. and brothers, twins at that. They spoke of how they were beaten, how they felt we were honorable foes, not like most of what they had encountered here. They told us they were leaving the field, then told us of the innocents that had an hour before they died. Once they were gone we rushed to the address they gave us, and with barely moments to spare got the chained children out of the forge before the smelter exploded.

I really have had enough. Weary, angry, frustrated we return to the guild, to a man deciding we want out of this city. Tomorrow I look forward to breakfast and a coin toss as to where we should go next.

A bit of a surprise
** GM Update **

After returning another set of people in chains to the authorities, our heros gather to plan. Icharaus left a note for the residents of the house, a challenge to the residents.

The next morning, Darious goes to the house they found to watch…but finds it surrounded by a troop of Imperial Soldiers. When he gets back, Edwood is called to the university to speak with Master Moragan. He and Darius go and are told that it appears that the organic mass has decayed rapidly, leaving a small filament ball of light metal. On a whim, it is taken to Lady Elieane, who attempts a simple growth cantrip, which fails. Upon returning, Icharus and Cecilyare deciding to return the Eternal circle to the Church, where they do not recieve their expected reward.

Following this, Icharus and Dariuos go to the meeting point, where they have a strange encounter that leads all of them to the Cog Rail yard again, and again, in the deepest dark of the night. Here they meet two dark elf brothers, and they have several minutes of conversation, but they leave under a veiled threat that a truce exists no longer…

When the Going Gets Tough...
Darious L'amaux

… the tough lay down a challenge. These past few days have been confusing I’ve been shot at attacked and now we’ve found this house filled with more people in shackles… but the worst part is that I’ve loved every minute of it, I haven’t felt so alive since I was accepted into the scouts. Ever since I was removed from the scouts I’ve been taking such boring jobs, “hello we’ve contracted you to deliver this message to derrick kenvar, off in some backwater hamlet two towns over.” So many time have I wanted to say no, but times have hit me hard, and no is a word that i’ve had to use a lot less. Icharus and Cecily have shown me exitement beyond that which I’ve known before, but now we face a great challenge, Icharus layed down a challenge for the ristopian elf, and from what I can tell about Icharus if he gives a challenge he means one on one. I really hope he knows what he’s doing, good luck Icharus.

The long road to ruin...
Icharus wylde

Dear Nikoli Sparkbinder

There has been too much insanity ever since you left. I’m not blaming you, and I know how important family is to dwarves, but cecily misses you. and on top of it all, we’ve ended up mixing our company with elves. Anyway, back to what I’m writing you about. do you recall in our travels up near fort everlight? when we faught those ristopians who had taken up the fort? well, it turns out the creeping force is deeper into the empire than we had thought. There are at least two of them here in hullifer city. And the best part is, they aren’t ristopian men, like me, they’re elves! I guess they’re more like us then the empire ever thought! However, one of them has an axe that shimmers with runes and power! it even works around cecily, so It can’t be normal magic!

We found something else that may have interested you. You may or may not have already looked at the drawings I took from cecily. Its exactly what it looks like. I think the ristopians are using hearts to power their machines. We traced the pair to a house on the outskirts of town and found several of them being filled or kept alive or something. The other drawing I’ve given you was mine, and it is also what it looks like. It’s a mechanical finger I found on a severed hand! I should go, I wrote this in a hurry, and our long road to ruin is about to come to an end. I’m not sure if I can best the one with the axe… but if I do, I won’t kill him. The ristopians saved me once, and I know I told you the story, so its time for me to repay my debt.

Captain Icharus P. Wylde

Sweet cograils what is that thing?

I have had trouble keeping up with this journal. I find myself despondent, angry, annoyed, home-sick, lonely and then angry once again as we work towards finding this dark elf who thinks little of burning down forges, killing hired men and destroying lives to get what it is that he wants. He is using the odd mixture of magic and mechanics and one of his henchman appears to be some sort of reanimated monster. This has got to come to some sort of conclusion and soon or I think I will go mad.

Yesterday a note was delivered with my name on it… simply an entreaty to meet, an address, a time… not a very good address, down by the end of the cograil lines and not a very good time… midnight. All agreed it was a set up and probably a trap, but, with no other lead decided to take our chances. Dividing our forces, some of went on ahead, while others came behind. I was not in the vangaurd, but found them formed up in a sort of court yard made by fence and building. As we arrived there was a distant booming sound. A guard, standing by the fence dropped to the ground. We all scrambled for cover except the hired orcs, one of which went down as the boom sounded again. Now we knew who had set the trap. We were being shot at by the dark elves and their gun. Rallying we decided the shots were coming from the top of one of the buildings, so splitting up in a pincer move me, Roman, Darius and several orcs moved to the rear of the building while Edwood and Icharus vied to gain the roof first. I missed a lot of what was going on. Much testosterone flowed, I know that much… and no shooter was found. Men, elves and orcs swarmed around the old cograil loading warehouse trying to figure out the why’s, where’s and how’s. Me, I’d had enough. Gathering Roman to me we began out journey back to the guildhall. However, circling around the outside of the courtyard I heard muffled crying from inside the second building. The building that was the actual address of where we were supposed to have our meeting. The door was unsecured and I quietly made my way inside. Dismayed, Roman put his shield out to stop me. So, together we followed the sound of crying. Inside we found a warehouse, with crates and such, along with a very dead man who had been attending to a line of gagged and shackled people. Some of them sobbing children. I removed the gag from one of the more coherent of the prisoners but all she could do was sob about how “his head exploded”. Looking around it was apparent that the man holding them had been shot by one of the rounds from our Ristopian friends.

Gathered together again we spent some time investigating the warehouse, finding nothing new, until Darius heard in the distance, the distinctive sound of the cart he had followed the cadaverman in. Icharus, Edwood and Darius raced to meet them. With assurances to Roman that I would not move at all, he went after to help. What resulted was a heated battle, finding Edwood on the ground, sorely wounded and the dark elf scarpering off with Icharus and Darius hot on his heels. While Roman and I were helping Edwood they returned, arguing over who’s fault it was that he was lost. Like it mattered.

So. Now. The captives were turned over to the constabulary to be released and returned to their families. Edwood has been taken to the university for magical help per his request. The orcs have been given the head of the cadaverman to return to Gavril and the cart and the gruesome body are now in my rented workshop. We had a few minutes to examine it before the nights events came to an end. It was disconcerting and creepy and a bit disgusting. The wheel mechanism is definitely clockwork, but there is no apparent power source. I have a sinking suspicion, and it very much turns my stomach to think about it. Under the seat of the cart we found a sealed black box. When we opened it we discovered what looked like an organ. It is a fleshy mass that has wires and rods in it. When we opened it, the mass appeared alive, but, very shortly there after it gave what I can only describe as a little sigh and… well… died. We wound up pushing the cart to my workshop. I am not thrilled that the cadeverman is still in the back, but tomorrow is going to have to be good enough to deal with it.

I simply do not like the way things are looking. Ristopians have disgusting ideas for using their technology and their magic. It is fascinating that they seem to be able to mix the two, but I am not sure I approve of, or can stomach their methods. But. Tomorrow is going to have to be good enough to deal with it. I am simply too tired and too emotionally drained to think on it any more tonight.

If I have to step between those two men one more time, one, or both of them are going to learn what this young lady’s father taught her about defending herself against males.

Tracks to...somewhere
** GM Update **

Our intrepid searchers retire for the night after the debacle at the cograil yard. They take the prisoners to the authorities, stow the body of the large creature in Cecily’s warehouse space, and take the sorely injured Edwood to the university to see if they can heal him.

The next morning finds Edwood healed, and some constibles coming to the Western Guildhouse looking for them. Master Jeremy Guilmond, keeper of the Guildhall, tells Cecily that something must have happened at her warehouse, as the constables were looking to speak to her about it. So the party gathers up and heads to the warehouse, only to find that the headless body in the back of the wagon has decayed into a gelatinous mass.

After cleaning up, and taking the body, and eventually the unusual wagon to the university, they join up with Andrea, a half elf tracker that they hired, (in favor of a goblin tracker called Two Toes) and they spend the afternoon following the tracker, who seems to have a canny knowledge, to the western manors. Specifically, she states that the wagon tracks they have followed have been in and out of this gate many times. She is sent back, and they explore the boarded up small manor…finding several disturbing sights…

Death of a pirate

too much has happened in my life to be able to tell you why I wanted to be a pirate… other than I idolized my father. I should have followed my gut feeling that day when he found me stowed away on his ship. too much has happened… I tell you mate. What place does this world have for pirates anyway? All we do is make everyone’s life miserable other than our own. even you meant to help them. When those young lads were going out to hunt the glass lizards, they knew me for all of the wrong reasons… well, they were what I wanted to be known by. I wanted to be the scourge of the empire and, although I do hate everything they are doing, I want to be a light in these dark times. First things first though… The crew of the fatal renaissance are dead. Those damned pirates will burn for leaving me to die on that shore.
However, getting my revenge will be easier with this damned ristopian’s axe! I assume that cecily is expecting me to kill the door sod when I get the chance, but what she doesn’t know is that as long as I get my axe his life will be spared… The ristopians spared my life when they had me at a disadvantage, and if I get the chance I will repay my debt. I lost myself the other night however. I’ve been several nights without a good brawl, and I was so eager to get my hands on the risto-elf that I dropped everything and chased after him. Though, there was him, and the construct… but what of the other… the one with the gun? He killed one of the orcs under my employment, I will have to apologize to Gavrel…
Maybe it really is time to face the truth. Being a pirate was a child’s dream, and of course there is a time to put away childish things. I’ve already done plenty of heroic things… Hell, I killed my own father because I wanted to be captain… but could it have been fate that I won? was it written on the winds that I rid the seas of a pirate? I’m going to give up on my childish dreams of capturing a sky ship and Its time for me to take up the life of a hero. Selflessly doing jobs to better society while generously collecting gold and general wealth! Yeah, that sounds good… Well… Why couldn’t a hero have an air ship? Yeah, I think I’ll need to get me one of them… or cecily could make me one! I’ll have to ask her about it later.

What a night!

     I began the night by following the suspected ristopian “zombie”, to a hole in the ground where it stayed for hours, then after much waiting it got up and headed back towards the town i continued to follow but it was late and somehow it alluded me for a moment and managed to find a carriage, but this carriage didnt have any horses and yet could still move, maybe the elf or Cecily will know. i followed it as best i could but before it could escape i took my shot, hit my mark and the man toppled. When he hit the ground the carriage stopped and the “zombie” got out and started to look for me, thankfully he didn’t see me and i downed him aswell. Thinking it was over i tried to get closer but was charged by the dark skinned elf wielding the runed axe. He swung and the axe hit hard tearing through my armour like butter thankfully it only did that i dont want to think of what would happen if he had hit me, so i ran for backup knowing that i could beat him on my own.      I reached the town with in minutes and even faster did i reach Icharus and Cecily who were on their way to meet the one who left the note for Cecily. We reached a sort of court yard area infront for two warehouses. As we reached it we heard what sounded a bit like lightning, and the man guarding the cograil was now lying on the ground, we waited until we heard the sound again and one the orks we brought with us lost his head. Icharus knew what was going on “It’s that Gun!” he yelled pushing Cecily closer to the wall. We all ran to the nearest building and began smashing the doors in to get to the assailant. Icharus ran to climb to the roof while Cecily, Roman and I ran to the back to make sure the assailany could’t escape. meanwhile the orks out front managed to break through the doors out front, and in doing so opened the way for me to help Icharus off the roof and into the building.      Cecily thought that the man might have gotten away some how and opted to leave. So she did, though while we continued to search the building for the man she called for us. She heard something from the other building and found people in chains within. The people were hot riveted in the shackles so my skill as a lockpick was useless. I heard the scream of the carriage the dark skinned elf and raced outside, off in the distance there was a flash of purple light, and off Elfwick went he bolted towards the carriage like a bat out of hell, Icharus and I followed soon after wanting to get into the fray. We got there to find nothing, not even Elfwick after a bit of searching we found him laying on the ground his left arm barely hanging on to his torso, we told him to get back to Cecily before we continued on to find the ristopian elf.     We found our selves in the outskirts of the town when Ox caught a scent leading us down a nearby alley way, we followed the scent to a pub down the alley way where the door was broken in, we entered ready for a fight only to find a scared old man and a sence of being tricked…     Returning to the carriage Icharus went straight to rending the head from the “zombie” to give to the orks meanwhile Cecily checked the carriage to maybe see how it worked, It was in fact risto for it was a mix of magic and machine at its heart, but more pressing matters at hand we needed to find the Elf a docter and a the slaves needed to get to the police to be set free. After arranging this we attempted to get the carriage to Cecily’s shop.


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