Savage Archanic

Broken bone, burnt flesh, and no treasure
Icharus P. Wylde... Captain Icharus to you.
I can’t believe this. First, we decide to decend back into the dwarven ruins that before had promised treasure and glory. Well, starting from the begining, we found a couple, large promising rooms, full of vasty nothingness. Now, if that wasn’t enough, I we opened a small cavity, and were forced back out into the main hall… well, we press forward, ever so valiently, and find a skull with metal studs in its sides. Cecily, who I have found to be the robed figure on my shoulder, ruined the fun of discovery by making us leave it in place. Well, it wasn’t all bad, after a lot of pressing forward, somewhat less valiently, we found a gorge with a single bridge spanning its width I went to cross, and of course I was left on the opposite side after the bridge collapsed. Old Icharus had to go it alone for a while. even ox didn’t make it over. on the other side, there were three corriders, and following dearest McNittles advice, I placed my left hand on the wall and followed it into the first hall. My luck continued to extend, I pressed on, almost no valiance left in my stride. I found almost nothing in the hall, but when i turned to leave, I was attacked by more of those divinity damned glass lizards. Not much of a challenge anymore, but I pressed back out and marked the entrance with an X and pressed into the next hall. As far as my memory can recall the next hall was barren and after a distance, I turned back and marked it with the same X. The last hall held something of interest. I found a room that was decorated with tiles… to my curiosity, I got stuck in the room. this wasn’t all bad, I set up a small camp and got to catch up with my squeeze and a fine year of ale. Well, It tooke em’ nearly an hour, but they found me, and Ol’ Danny boy found another exit out of the room, and we split up to explore it a bit more. Turns out, it was a judgment room, which makes it a little eerie to have taken a nap there. Well, We carried on, as we do, and we finaly found another room of interest. the room in itself was not very interesting, but there was a pillar in the middle, which led upward on the inside. Still, not the interesting part though, and what was on the inside wasn’t the best part either. even thogh, dan catching his self on fire was pretty smart… but when we climbed up, We found small… uh, insects would be the best word for them, but they turned things into crystal when they bit em’. poor coin purse soldier got his leg bit, and it did the same thing. little bastards ruined my coat. they ran after I killed some of them. It wasn’t soon after that we found another sequense of rooms filled with bleached skeletons… a story for a nother time, because I found fish… and I’m almost all out of rum, and i need to tell my stories.
War? (What is it good for?)
*GM Update*

The players descend the pillar…not very gracefully, and then continue on down the corridor after a period of rest. after several hundred paces, they come upon a bolted door. After getting past, they discover a grisly scene…and another site of battle. After leaving the chamber, they find what may have been a suply point, and several hours later…a wallrd off room…wth water on the floor. They have decided to take a bit and eat some of the eyeless white fish they find after “Draining” the room.

Judgement, a Tower, the Fire and the Spider
*GM Update*

Our intrepid adventurers have delved into the meaning of this small chamber, and it’s documents…

THey have found a pillar in a chamber. This pillar is hollow, with small crawlspaces into the center. In the center, they find hand-holds on all four sides, and of course…

About 30 feet up, they find another level…and after going through the crawlspace, they find a an orc skull…with a rusty knife in its eye-socket..that flared with blue green fire when picked up…While looking around, Icharaus notices that there are bits of armor nailed to the walls, so he goes down to send up the smart folk.
Cecilywith Romanand Dan eventually work their way up the small, ill spaced footholds and studied the bits of armor, discovering some uniqueness to each rotten bit.
Dan then tries to climb higher, with the lantern, but seems to have significant problems, nearly falling, and breaking his lantern spilling burning oil down on Oxand Cpt Wylde who dive clear just barely. The oil set the floor alight in a blue green flame.

When Dr. Dan gets back down, he lights himself gently alight…

When the flames clear, they encounter the Spider like things that shatter a bit of boot and a coat collar…

A crevasse and a chamber...

A day and a bit into the exploration of the Hoberg, and they have discovered, deep into the holds of the Highclefts, a crevasse across a chamber, with a bridge that collapsed beneath Icharaus, who ended up on the far side. After wondering about, fighting glass lizards and more wondering about, he got locked in a room…

To be rescued by Cecily and Dan who climbed a narrow stair, and got very wet, recued Icharaus from this (nearly) sealed chamber.

What could it have been used for?

A letter to a friend.
Icharus P. Wylde... Captain Icharus to you.

Sparkbinder, Nikolai.

Dear Nikolai.

It’s been a hectic span of time since you left. It seems that you were the lucky one in the party, seeing as the the moment you left, and we began our way back to Hullifer city, when our luck seemed to just run out. First, we were attacked by another one of Arkans strange creatures. However, we were not able to kill it, and cecily lost her treasured toy, but that wasn’t the worst of our troubles. The path we were on collapsed, and we had to climb down further… not the best idea I’ve ever had, seeing as we ran into a den of glass lizards. The smug bastards ain’t so tough after you’ve fought them off before, but I lost one of my throwing knives, and the last of my booze to start a fire to deter them… We had one option from there, and that was down. Turns out it wasn’t so bad until our ms. cecily lost her balance and plunged into the water below. I’m not such a bad person after all, i guess its obvious that she’s part of my ‘crew’ seeing as I threw myself into the water to make sure she didn’t drown. The winds know they don’t teach you to swim in those damned cities. you will be happy to know, that through all of this, when our luck seemed to be gone and we pulled ourselves to shore, an orc settlement found us and took us in for the night. I don’t understand why we… you, are at war with them… your people I should say, they really are a nice bunch… just folk like the rest of us, they just ain’t ‘fine’ races. I digress, they helped us back on our way to Hullifer, taking us through an abandoned old dwarven mine. My friend, if anyone were to appreciate what cecily happened upon it would be you! With proper pricing now, we’ve got our fortune tied up and handed to us on a platter by these gems, when they’re cut, they’ll be worth several bigs in dollars, and best of all, there was a raw star emerald and McNittle is letting me keep that one, not sure what I’m going to do with it though. Neither of us could keep away, we needed to go back and scout the rest of it out, so we’re on our way now, and friend, you missed out on more fun. i love the idiocy of bandits at times, they think that just because we travel with a lady we’re some pompus hired sword… but they weren’t ready for Victoria or Ox… Got a shiney new medalion out of em’ too, bloody thing must be older than your grandfather, and worth more than his beard, but I’m going to hold onto it… theres just something about it. Oh, and we did pick up a new dandy… some young green horn who’s out for adventure. His tail is definately bushy, but he’ll learn to keep it close when the going gets too rough.

Captain Icharus Perry Wylde.

P.S. Interesting new develpoment with Ox, by the way… he seems to be coming to terms with that nasty fire of his… you should see it, not only can he ignite himself, but he can belch it, like the stories say that the dragons can. Maybe Ox is a dragon… who knows?

HeartDeep at last!

Bandits aside, we have made it to HeartDeep. Dan’s excitement was contagious and after a brief amount of examining of the Lower Gate we lit lanterns and headed in. A short corridor gives way into a large chamber Dan describes as an Entrance Hall. There are fire pillars arranged around the room in an eight pointed star, supposedly for the best lighting arrangement. Four entrances lead off on either side while across the vast room from us is the wide hallway leading further in with an entrance flanking either side. After a brief wander, noting hooks and brackets for weapons and tools along the walls and discerning that there were no brass tubes hidden under benches we began our exploration with left hand on the wall.

Going through the first entrance on the left saw us traveling down a corridor with evenly spaced wide areas, like boxes cut out of the tunnel. In the third one we meet with a wall that appears to be different from the rest of the walls, and upon looking closer we discover that this corridor has indeed been sealed up, and, at the bottom it appears that the seal is loose and cracking. We discuss for a bit, why it might be closed, but then curiosity gets the better of us and we work at the crumbling bits along the bottom… but, when we break hole through, air starts hissing out of the enclosed space. This alarms us and gets us to thinking about “bad aire” and we scramble for some way to seal the passage back up. I give up a layer of petticoat and some water to create a plug and we beat a hasty retreat back to the main chamber.

A little giddy and shaky from the scare we head down the second entrance on the left. This one leads in a bit of a circle with alternating hallway and wide square “rooms” leading back to the main chamber via the third entrance on the left. Although they are empty, Dan says this series of rooms was used for storage and sleeping.

The fourth entrance leads to a square chamber with a fire pillar and the now familiar pentagon of benches around it. There are no other exits so we surmise this must be a more private meeting room.

Upon examination, the openings in the right hand wall of the Entrance Chamber mirror the openings on the left, with one exception. The first corridor, that ended in a “new” wall continues on, from the left to another small room with exists on all three sides that open up into their own small rooms.

In the middle of the far wall, the two openings on either side of the main corridor open into small rooms bearing a single bench along the far wall.

The time taken to look and carefully document, along with the scare at the walled in corridor has drained us. We have lit a fire in of the pillars and are resting now. My arm is sore and writing is a chore, but it is necessary and I’m certain will prove very fruitful. I look forward to moving further in with the hopes of finding spaces that are not as barren as this one.

Return to HeartDeep
*GM Update*

After arriving at the Hoberg of Heartdeep, our explorers have examined, and mapped the so called “Greeting Hall” of the Lower Gate. This was mostly free of incident…

Nikoli's Journey
*GM Update for Nikoli*

Upon Leaving his companions to follow the summons from Granther Volkov, Nikoli travels by himself through the forlorn mountain paths of the Hullafir Range. During the trip, he saw signs of glass lizards. Just earlier this year, when he set out to find his way, they were a fairly rare occurrence. What has caused this sudden surge in their presence near even the quiet trails of the greatest of the fine races. Also, near the midway point he saw signs of a battle…and dead dwarves left exposed to the elements. They had been stripped of most goods, finding only a fired bottle, missing its seal, but bearing the scent of the dwarven spirit, Dulonga, made from deep grown potato and selected stone moss.

Upon arrival at the methall of the Sparkbinders, he found that a large number of his family have returned…numbering over 30 members! It seems that they had started a moot 2 days ago, assuming that all who could respond had. But dwarves being what they are, and the Sparkbinders being upstanding examples of this ideal, the rest of the afternoon was spent in explaining to Nikoliwhat had happened over the last two days…

It seems that Granther Volkov, the Eldest of the Sparkbinders, (indeed founder of the Chuvalk Sparkbinder when he bound a spark in a jar and could move spark power with him, struck from his father, Anton of Chuvalk Wallbinder, great grandson of Valda who struck from Chuvalk Duskera, grandson of….(yes Nikoli could spout this lineage to about 12 generations) ) had called this moot, as he believes Sparkbinder would be best served by declaring themselves free of the Empire, as had Chuva Darkenders and Strongwinds. Given that less than half support this decision, but the elders have greater say, this moot could become and epic in Dwarven tenacity.

Bandits, bandages and a bit of blood.

Getting shot doesn’t hurt. Well, at least not until you notice…

Our trip back to HeartDeep has not been as uneventful as our trip from it. This time we encountered bandits along the way. Icharus was his usual self, solving the situation with a combination of wit and sword arm while my new body guard, Roman Ansmith, busily worked at defending me, which I have to say he did admirably. If it hadn’t been for a stray ricochet bullet I would have come out of the encounter unscathed. Odd thing that. I heard the shot, heard the ping as it hit rock somewhere behind me, didn’t feel it enter my shoulder until Roman turned around to address me after the last bandit was dispatched. The look on his face was priceless, and I might come to think on it with humor, except that it was at that point I followed the arc of his gaze and realized my coat was blossoming blood at an alarming rate, and my right arm was reluctant to move. THAT was when the pain hit and I sat down suddenly, right there in the dusty track as if I suddenly had no legs to stand on.

I am doing well enough. The wound is clean and seems to be closing, but my arm remains tucked into a makeshift sling as it is truly excruciating to use it in any manner. We continue on, however because there really isn’t anything more anyone could do for it that time and care won’t take care of, so… onward we go.

Unless we can’t find the entrance again, which was a bit hidden and off the beaten track, we should be at the lower entrance of HeartDeep some time late tomorrow.

I find I am liking Dan. He is earnest and friendly and full of interesting facts about the dwarven culture of the past. I am looking forward to exploring with his knowledge and interest at our disposal.

Cut to *Retake*
*GM Update*

In an effort to improve play, we are going to retake the scene from the introduction of Dan Brubaker. This will summarize where we agreed to start again.

The Trip to HeartDeep.

Captain Wylde and Miss McNittle, after completing business, begin to research the dwarven ruin they travelled through with Gourt. They discovered it is called HeartDeep and has been abandon for nearly 2 centuries, but there are conflicting stories as to why the largest ever dwarven construct was abandoned. While scouring old records, they met Dan Brubaker, who was researching dwarven ruins as part of his Doctorial studies for the Hullafir Westrin University.

After preparation, they head for the concealed entrance. During the hike, late the first day, they are set upon by bandits! They are handily dispatched, with only minor issues, and they have arrived at the crumbling, but none the less impressive, Lower Gate of HeartDeep


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