Savage Archanic

The Illusive HeartDeep

The Mule sits in plan form, waiting for time and space to build him, but my mind is aflutter with gears and tracings and beautiful silk feathers… although I’m not sure if silk feathers will work just yet… and the wings for Icharus are well under design way.

Research on our find is proving less fruitful. We have found out that our underground city is called HeartDeep. It was a Dwarven city stronghold for several hundred years and abandoned about the time technology was found. There seem to be several different reports as to why, but the most common explanation seems to be an orc incursion. The only details about HeartDeep we could uncover is the fact that it is just under 30 miles from the upper to the Lower gate along the Grand Way. There are no maps of it in the Explorer’s Guild libraries, and the location is not marked on any of the Empire maps that we found. So, even though there might not be any early technology to recover, it is most definitely worth the travel back to add information to the libraries… and who knows what the dwarves of the place were experimenting with, perhaps there is early technologies there to find, even, perhaps something that has never seen the light of day.

We have met a fellow by the name of Dan who is eager and interesting and seems to be knowledgeable in archeology. Icharus and I think he might be handy to have in the depths of HeartDeep and will be asking him if he would like to join our expedition.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have an ad out for a bodyguard and it is time to go meet applicants. Yes… a body guard. I don’t think it is fair to ask Icharus to look after me as well as look after himself, and I proved so useless and actually, I think, was detrimental to the fight. So. Taking my father’s advice I am admitting my weakness and taking steps to overcome it. I’m not sure hiring someone to fight for me is what he had in mind, but I have always found the idea of actually pointing that pistol and firing very distasteful… and now the pistol is gone, saving me from uncomfortable decisions… let us hope there is someone out there who is trustworthy, honest and capable willing to sign on to look after my silly old self.

Course of action...
*GM Update*

An evening with Abbigale…some deep discussion between our heros…and a woman with missing family at the sanctioned Sendariam Estates. And what was the “Freezer” that one of the guards had?

deleted for scene cut

Marshalls, Barmen and Scholars; oh my!
*GM Update*

The party arrived at Himpy, talked with a Marshall about the pirate Blake; Spoke with Collin the barman about rooms and then…Met Abigale Wintworth who apparently studies Tulla…and what she had to say…

deleted for scene change

Advenures of an adventurer

Dearest Aunty

So, uncle Tarquins friend paid some jolly nice people in the local adventurers guild to take me out for some adventuring, what a jolly good wheeze. the adventure started with a trip hunting Trulla, just to find them so that Uncle Tarquin and his chums can go and have a hunting party, Uncle Tarquin says they are just animals but the nice people i am traveling with say they have their own thoughts and use tools, rather strange for “just animals”, 1st day out we where attacked by some Pirates, (I think the nice people did it on purpose to show me a good adventure, must thank them later as it was jolly exciting" the pirates were dually dispatched and the starnge man with the big dog took his ship back. any way aunty, I must go now and i will write again soon.

bye for now
Your loving Nephew

*GM Update*

Our crew is hired by a member of the Guild to take a young family friend with them to verify reports of a nest of Trulla outside Himpy, so he can organize a hunt. Enroute…Pirates!!!

deleted for scene cut

Darker into the light

It is a very odd thing, but, after awhile you get used to the dark. At first it was frightening and very disconcerting. We moved through hallways depending on Gort’s eyesight and the pale glowing stone strips on the walls. We moved from corridor, to corridor, through rooms and chambers, we met and fending off some very strange creatures taking time now and again to rest in rooms containing the pillars with the fire stones. In our blind wandering, left hand on the wall we found more document tubes, a bridge where a fierce battle was fought, there we found dwarven axe heads and a very odd, very sharp knife that Gort stuck through his belt. Finally we found ourselves back at the edges of water, looking up at a familiar bridge. Then our luck changed completely. I stumbled over a couple of skeletons and a box while Icharus found a hidden stairway up. From there Gort knew the way and it was an easy walk out into the setting sun. I’m still not sure how long we were down there, and as I write this I find the details fade into the darkness of the place. Yet, I find myself, the more I try to recall those details, with an ever stronger desire to return, properly equipped to explore, map and discover.

Once back out into the light we discovered the box contained a number of gems and jewels. One in particular so clear and bright it looks like it has a star inside it. We must talk more, but I think Icharus and I are deciding we need to research, prepare and go back. The gems will fund an expedition nicely I think.

I believe we have made a new friend in Gort. He was quiet and stalwart and stayed with us when he could have just left us and gotten himself out. My opinion of orcs is greatly changed and I will be careful in the future to not lump them all into one ignorant category. I am not so certain about the Fine Race Duty, but, the so called “course” races seem to have many things to offer the Empire and I will look to include Gort again when we go back.

Now, back at the exploration guild’s holding in Hullifer… well, one of them anyway, cleaned and wearing a crisp blouse once again the future looks bright. We have taken the gems to a reputable business where they are being cut into jewels to increase their value before selling. We are hopeful of over 20,000 dollars… can you believe it? I intend to take part of my share and quietly pay off a few of my father’s debts. The ones owed his friends if I can manage to do it via courier and anonymously. The last thing I need is for bill collectors to realise I am back in the area, for although they are not my bills, and my father’s estate, such as it was, was sold off to pay his debts, they still pestered me to distraction for the rest. Either that or the patents, or marriage. It’s not like I don’t want to marry, its just…. well…

Oh enough of that Cecily. Look, the M.U.L.E. is ready to build as a prototype, and remember, in the dark you began the workings of beautiful wings for Icharus so he may soar in the clouds, skyship or not. Who knew you had such ideas in your pretty little head? Go on… get on with you then…

Beyond HeartDeep
*GM Update* And Back to Hullafir

Cue Narrators Voice…Begin Dramatic Montage

Our Intrepid fellows delve deep into the ancient abandoned dwarven city. Therein they discover things are not as expected, and open a door that normally stands open…

Using the Dwarven rule of left wall trails the begin to explore, depending upon the sight of their Orc guide, Gourt and the occasional lighting of his rapidly dwindling oil lamp, the pale fire from Ox’s burning head, and the small fires they can coax from cold fire pillars in some of the empty chambers. Perhaps they would have benefitted from a magic or technological device that would make the palely glowing stones give enough light for human eyes? They travel for many hours, finding collapsed caves, floors with rifts and wonderful sights, resting at one point for several hours in a faintly glowing room where water dripped from long hollow tubes with soft chiming sounds. They climb and descend stairs and ramps and even a few climbing rungs set into the walls.

During this long trek, they encountered strong gusts of a red fog that would blow over them, leaving them feeling slightly clammy, as if nearly dry after being soaked. They had to deal with spawn bats on two occasions. They came upon a room filled with curious pale white spiders the size of Cecily’s hand, and discovered a room where a terrible battle had been fought over a bridge that crossed a rift that dropped away into darkness. Only the abutment of the bridge remains and the skeletons of dwarves, orcs, at least one ogre, and some taller races (human, elf, or something else). Here they found bits of armor, and rotted weapons, all aged. But Gourt found a long knife, of Orcish design, but it was not aged, rusted, or even suffering of any damage.

Eventually, they return to a room beneath a high bridge and begin carefully wading the edge of the lake. The roar that has plagued them nearly deafens as they enter this chamber…however, just beneath the bridge they make two discoveries, almost simultaneously…Icarus, with Ox close at hand discover a narrow stair climbing to the bridge and poor, clumsy Cecily stumbles over…what? A box? No, a chest…a small, black wood chest, with rusted bands and a heavy rusted lock…In the pale light of Ox’s fire, they can see skeletons of several figures and pale fish. Perhaps they fell off the bridge? As the chest is not overly heavy, Icharus hefts it, and they climb the narrow dwarven sized stair, the chest slowly leaking water down his back, and arrive at the bridge. Before long, Gourt declares that they are back upon the trail he knows, as here is a resting place, but he does not remember the roar ever being this loud…

After resting a while, they begin again, and following bands of pale glowing stone, they emerge beneath a gate shortly after sunset, with the golden red glow still in the sky. They make a fire, using the last of the coals that they carried in a broken lantern, and examine their finds…

They have 3 bronze scroll like tubes with old parchment and old dwarven runes in a golden script, the long knife that Gourt found, two fine dwarven axe heads, a quartz crystal set of stone chimes, and…a black wood chest. The rusted lock and bands prove to be no real hinderance, and are much easier broken that the dark, swollen wood. Inside…

cue dramatic music, and soft lights…enhance with sparkles

Another wooden case, this one painted…inside it a sodden leather case with ink stains on it and…

Gems…36 uncut gems of green, white, yellow and blue. None smaller than a child’s pinky nail, the largest, a deep green stone with fire at its heart, almost the size of a 10 penny piece! They may not be rich, but they will not want for much. With this, and perhaps a written account of what was found beyond the travelled path of HeartDeep!

A day later…they return to Hullafir city, arriving at the west Guild Hall of His Majesties Guild for Exploration and Discovery…

Fade out, as Cecily S. McNittle, New guild member, escorts her guests into the hall

Where dwarfs once tread

Come morning we followed Gort up a winding trail, down precarious stairs, past a glorious waterfall, through a moaning doorway and into dark, dark tunnels. Gorts light was welcome, but the corridors we tread were smooth and beautifully worked. Even in the dark it was apparent they were crafted with love and skill. I have no idea how much time passed as we followed Gorts bobbing light through dark halls and quiet rooms but at some point during our walk he halted at the top of a flight of stairs. Seems a door on our right was closed, where it had always been open before. I suppose wanting to put things back the way they should be he strained and pushed and got the door open, only to have rats upon rats come tumbling out. All dead, and all in a very odd, very squishy stage, we waded in, curious, especially since there seemed to be no stench at all. The corridor we entered was relatively short and looked to open into a large room, but our progress forward was halted by a gust of something red, not wind per say, but a force none the less that blew past us and slammed the door closed once again. Our curiosity piqued we continued forward into a room that was divided by a large crevasse across the floor. As we stood there shining our light down, a massive swarm of odd little bats came out from the depths, swirling and diving around our heads and faces. I dropped to the ground covering my head, but Ox, was having none of it and blew blasts of fire into their midst, scattering and burning them until they were no longer a threat.

A bit shaken, and not real thrilled about Gort informing us that we only have enough oil in the lamp to get so far, we decided we had seen enough and headed back to our original route, only to discover the door could not be opened from this side… no handle, no lever, no anything to pull it inwards. So. Resigned, we did the only thing we could do. Keep moving forward. Deciding that when in an ancient dwarven city, one should probably follow dwarven rules, so, left had on the wall we left the crevasse chamber and walked a long winding corridor that eventually opened onto a small room where a pillar with benches around it occupied the center. Gort pointed out the white lines on the wall, and when he turned out his lamp, and our eyes adjusted to the dark, we could see that they glowed. After a short time the glow became enough to see by, dim, but serviceable. I’m sure Niki would have had no trouble at all in this room. Ahhh Niki…. anyway. Under the benches we found two metal tubes. In the tubes were rolled papers, which turned out to be notes from some council meetings, which doors to close, when to close them, which ones to open, when to open them, odd its of argument at best. But. They are ancient, and I’m sure will be of interest to someone, so we packed them away to take with us. From there, left hand on the wall we find ourselves in a corridor facing a sheer drop. It appears that there once was a bridge, but it is long gone, so, back we go, left hand on the wall to a corridor leading to stairs curving downwards which open into a broad corridor… left hand on the wall and we are walking into a breeze. There is a rumbling in the distance that seems to get louder as we walk… and straight into water we walk. Stopping to look around, we can see that it is open above us and we can see a bridge over this space high up in the gloom. Gort believes he knows the bridge, and therefore knows about where we might be, but that does not help us get to the bridge or back to his established route. We have moved back out of the water now, and are sitting, hunched in the light of the white corridor strips taking a break, having a bite to eat and assessing our situation. I have to admit it doesn’t look real good… but then again, that seems to be the soup of the day these days.

Nikki would have loved this bit. I hope he is home safe by now.

Deep and Dark
*GM Update* Road to ???

Our heroes leave with Gourt, their orcish guide, arriving at an old Dwarven city. They leave the known route because of a closed door…and find them selves trapped…attacked by spawn bats and finding some dwaven notes, as well as an apparent underground lake or river.

Ten Fathoms deep and a road to hell.

So we talked, And we decided that as invincible as I claim to be I’m not sure I can take on the Duumrek, so we left. But some greater power must have been watching, and apparently we were never supposed to make it back! When we hit the mountain trail, as a stroke of ‘luck’ would have it, there was a landslide, which blocked our path. But when we were about to turn back some god forsaken creature burst out and tried to eat us. Well, the damn thing had a head that Ox could eat, but the rock worm was a rather big thing. Well, this fight is one to tell, I started fighting it, and so did ox, but then when cecilly took her shot, another damn rockslide fell right behind us. So we were trapped, or so I thought. Ox’s power continues to grow, he can now take the fire that engulfs his head and spit it out in an immense burst. but it turns out, for some reason, thats what caused our terrible decent. But to whatever powers are watching, we landed on a platform, made from the rubble. We had nowhere to go from here. We could go down or up. Well this was at first glance, but when we looked through our options, there was a cave along the wall. I was a fool to believe that it would be uninhabited. we had a couple issues getting into with cecily and ox, but once they got there we whent in. there were more of those damn clear snakes! well, We got out just fine, but one of those damn creatures felt the sting of a throwing axe straight between its eyes, I knew I was good… but I never knew I was that good! anyway, we were back down to two options. up or down. well, we whent down, and cecily went first. The poor girl lost her balance, and whent tumbling down, but I have even more proof that I’m going soft. I would never thrown myself off a cliff for a woman, but she is a member of my crew. well, I’m not sure how I feel about the orks who saved us either. I want to trust them, but I’ve had… experiences with orks. I’ll get back to my log when I make my decision…


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