Dollars are the standard unit of exchange, with a silver crown worth 50 dollars, and a gold royal is worth 2 crown.

Languages: Each character starts with (Smarts dice/2) – 1:

English / Elven / Dwarven / Coursa (Orc) / Goursuk* (goblin) / Risto / Wurren* (were folk) / Oot* (Trulla, very limited) /Mesop (religious) (* no written anguage)

NEW Skills

Cantrip:(Spi) This skill allows a person to create very minor magical effects from one of the three magic schools. The effects are very limited, usually very brief and never more than an hour, but they are life style that has been around for hundreds of years. Life magic might allow a person to have perfect hair, or change eye color. Elemental magic might create a small glow (reading light) or light a candle. and Aether might allow a word or short phrase to be understood in anther language, or aid a persons concentration

Elementalism: (Spi) (requires AB Elementalism)This is the magic of casting Elemental magic

Life Magic: (Spi) (requires AB Life Magic) This is the magic of casting Life magic

Mechanics: (Sma) (Requires Tech Mechanics) This is the skill used when buiding or using a mechanical item

Power: (Sma) (Requires Tech Power) This is the skill used when designing or using a power item

SpellCasting: (Spi) (requires AB Aether) This is the casting of Aether magic

Synthesis: (Sma) (Requires Tech Synthesis) This is the skil used when making alloys or combining technical properties.


Doubting Thomas: (Minor) Magic Exists. Technology exists. What cannot exist is “Creatures beyond the Pale,” such as demons or “undead,” the Elysium Dales of the priests, and what not. Remeber that even Technologists understand that magic exists, and that it is (somehow) a natural law, just like technology is.
NOTE: This makes this a very minor hindrance, as magic is an expression of will upon the natural fabric of the universe…so most everything can be described as either Magic or Technology. Effectively they are Atheists in a relatively spiritual world. As far as the DT is concerned, the occasional miracle is actually just a magic effect, brought about by the practitioner. This effectively give them a -1 charisma to spiritual folks as well.

Technophobe: (Major) Any technology roll suffers a -2

Magic Weak: (Major) Any magic roll suffers a -2


Arcane Background Magic: One of the three schools of magic must be taken each time this edge is taken. Each time it is taken, the player gets 10 power points and 3 spells associated with the school. A person can take more than one Arcane Background school, but if they are not taken as a background choice, it tends to take years of fairly dedicated studies. (In general a magic school is determined by what you want to accomplish)

LIFE: The magic of life, health, disease, and that which affects living organisms. Trappings for Life spells are living things…plants, life force, growth, aging, etc…

ELEMENTS: This is the magic of the four elements earth, air, wind and water. It is also is the school of artificing, tying magic to items. Trappings for Element spells are obviously elemental.

AETHER: This is the study of magic. It includes summoning and thought control (Creatures made of magic essence). Trappings for Aether magic are colored lights, concentration, even rituals are common.

Technology Background: One of three sciences that must be taken when this edge is taken. When this edge is taken, the player gets 10 design points from that school. A person can take more than one Techninal Background school, but if they are not taken as a background choice, it tends to take years of fairly dedicated studies. (See the Sciences of Arkan guide for tech design) (In general a technology study is determined by how you want to accomplish it)


MECHANICAL: The study of interactions of motion. Clockwork, steam engines, optics and springs are all examples of mechanical studies.

POWER: The study of power and power supplies. Electricity, Heat, Light, Health are all studies of Power

SYNTHESIS: The study of alloys, alchemy and combining plant and animal parts for another purpose. Medicines and phylacteries fall into synthesis.

Animal Transformation: N, Were; All werefolk start with this edge. It allows/forces them to change into their animal form. The change takes place automatically on the night of the full moon. To attempt to stop this transformation, the player must roll a spirit -4. If they succeed with 1 raise, they receive a “cuts and Bruises” fatigue level. If they succeed with no raise, then they suffer from a fatigue level. If they do not succeed , then they change. If they critically fail, they lose themselves in the animal. It will last 24 hours. On a new moon, attempting to change suffers a similar fate: A fail is no change, a success is a transform with a fatigue, etc. On the week before and after the Full moon, a transform is Spirit +2, on the week before and after the new moon, to transform is Spirit -2.

Second Form: S, Were; A werefolk may take this edge and it allows a person to transform to a second animal. All rules are as Transformation, but the player may choose which animal, but an involuntary transform will always transform to the original creature.

Natures Blessing N, Were; A werefolk may take this edge and use one of the abilities in another form. This ability must be chosen at the time of the edge. i.e. The player may have the animals claws, or eyesight in human form, or the animal form may have human fingers, or the ability of speech. These blessings are permanent, so a human with claws will likely be picked out as werefolk…

Dark Sight N: Reduces all Darkness penalties by one level (Dim light is ignored, Dark becomes Dim and Pitch becomes Dark), But bright sunlight causes a -1 to all attacks.

Infravision N: Reduce dim and dark lighting penalties by 1 against warm blooded creatures.


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