Creating Items

<10 = Level 0

11 – 20 points = Level 1

21 – 30 = level 2

31 – 40 = level 3….

novice power : 10 points ( A harmonic generator that causes fear would cost 10 points) (power)

Seasoned Power: 20 points

Veteran power: 30 points

edge is half the points (i.e. novice edge is 5 points): ( A phylactery that increases charisma by 2 would cost 5 points) (synthesis)

Multiple charges/uses 1/5th the base points/per charge OR for something that only has charges 2 points per charge (A pistol that fires 5 times without reloading is 10 points) (mechanic)

+ 1 dice : 15 points (an exceptional crossbow that gives the shooter +1 dice to shooting would cost 15 points) (mechanics)

Giving a piece of technology a hinderance or weakness lowers its point cost.

An item that remains powered on…costs twice the points.

Technology can be reproduced. But so far, the idea of assembly line has not come about, and all must be hand made. The time to make one item is 5 times the number of points to create it in days. Recharge of an item takes 2 times the number of its base cost (prior to hinderances) in hours.

Magic items can be given aspects such as self recharging, tied to the caster (so when the caster dies the magic goes away), etc, and this costs 1 permanent point of thier magic power. Each one costs one more.

Each time a Technologist designs an item, every 5 points of its design cost will cost the person 1 point of their available tech design pool. This represent that even geniuses have limits to how often they can drink from the inspiration well.

An Item that is level 0 will cease working in the presence of a level 1 or above item of it’s opposite. But, level 0 items will return to operational once no longer in that presence.


Creating Items

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