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The Official Known History of the Empire of the Arkanic

1. For years the lands of the Atavar were ruled by humans. The Elves mostly kept to themselves in their forests. The Dwarves stayed in their mountain retreats. Magic ruled the world. The Coarse races stayed to the Savage lands, being raided by the Humans and the fine races as they raided the humans and the fine. Goblins and the Werefolk desired the abundance of the forests, and the Orcs and their mutant kin, the Ogre desired the deep dark where metal resources could be had. The Trulla drove off all comers to their islands, and as they seemed to offer little, few ever challenged them. Trulla were seen on the main lands of Atavar, but only rarely. When they were, often the other races would gather to drive them away. DO they have tribes on the mainland, or are they swimming? Making rafts? Something else?

2. Nearly 500 years ago, the town of Arkan was built with the help of the elves, and all races were welcome. The coarse races seemed little interested in these permanent places. But if they brought no trouble, they were welcome. However, they would almost always live up to their name, and would cause great deals of difficulty, often ending up being arrested and sent into servitude to pay back their debts.

3. Then, 150 years later the Dwarves collaborated with the humans to build a trading town near them, and in the practical ways of their kind named after their beloved Mountains, Hulafir Town. Within 10 years, small fortified holdings all along the roads, but there were still problems. So, with the help of some of the most potent elven mages, the Humans of Arkan brought law and order to the roads and Allied with Hulafir Town and so formed the Arkanic Empire stretching from the western arm of Atavar to it’s southern most tip. Year 1 of King Wastron the First and the peaceable Arkanic Empire.

4. Year 60, the Uprising. King Wastron II died under mysterious circumstance. Immediately after that, the empire seemed to be about to collapse. The Savage races began to raid all of the other races, the Watch Lord (a military appointed position, but effectively Governor general) of Hulafir declared Hulafir city free of Arkan influence. The Hawthorn trading post ceased to allow free trade.

5. This is where the Stone Queen of Arkan grew into her name. She formed a huge and trained army, supported by significant magics. She then sent forces to each of the small settlements, executing all the trouble makers, and to ensure that they remained safe from these difficulties, military posts were set up at every one. Once all of the small settlements were safe, then she trained all of the hearty volunteers from each of these, and set to Hawthorne Post, eventually securing it safely within her stone bousum. Then, she sent her forces to secure Hulafir town. By year 68, all of the Arkan empire was secure again, and her brother took the throne after she died of a wasting disease.

6. Year 154 Arkan, Styrus Ironwhisker, a dwarf from the Black Maw holdings discovered that somethings seemed to happen within the deepest of their holdings without any magical influence. He spent the rest of his life exploring these effects, and discovered that, though often predictable, sometimes they would not. It has since been proven that the predominance of magic affects the predictability of these results. However, the presence of technology also seems to interfere with the proper workings of magic! He is often seen as the father of modern technology!

7. year 270 Great news of the Empire! Lightmetal has been discovered! Year 269 of the Arkanic empire and Lightmetal has been discovered in a new mine off of Errogans Hole. The Errogan Clan will become very rich off of this rare, dark metal. It is so light it floats, and when excited, under a magic or technological influence, it gives of a bronze light! So far, found in very small handfuls.

8. King Argelius Westrin VII begins to expand the empire in year 294. Forces are sent and forts are built in the Savage lands. Winterport is built, as a place to receive all of the vast herbal and animus treasures of the Fortune Swamps. Ships and forces are sent to Hool and Ristope.

9. Year 301 Savage wars. Unexpectedly the mighty forces of the Arkan are held at bay by the course races, as well the unexpected natural dangers of the Savage land. The fortified town of Riddlseworth is established.

10. The Heathens are discovered to have great quantities of lightmetal. Year 318 and King Westrin VIII (Errolaine) increases the forces to Ristope

11. In a great day for the Empire Hulafir city, with the assistance of advisers from Arkan formed the Halafir Senate to provide guidance and aid in compliance with the Kings dictate from afar, in year 314 of Arkan!

12. 339 Everreach lost Black Rainday, 339…on the same day, King Westrin the VIII dies the same day that new is received that Fort Everreach has fallen. Two separate forces are sent. None return. The Child King, Eogalas, Westrin the IX becomes ruler at age 6.

13. Cog track completed to Howthorn Town. On King Eogalas’ 16th birthday, the Cog track to Hawthorne Towne is completed! But, due to the unstable nature of such heavy technology, the King decrees that it will come no closer to Arkan.

14. Today is a new day and a great one for the Empire! King Eogalas, Westrin IX wishes you a prosperous day, This 354 year of the Westrin Reign, on the 21st anniversary of his birth!

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