Technophobe: -2 to all Technochratic rolls

Agility starts at D6

Haughty: -1 Charisma to all non-elves

Infravision: Reduce dim and dark lighting penalties by 1 against warm blooded creatures.


Magic weak: -2 to all magic rolls

Tough: Vigor starts at D6

Pace starts at 5"

Dark Sight: Reduces all Darkness penalties by one level (Dim light is ignored, Dark becomes Dim and Pitch becomes Dark), But bright sunlight causes a -1 to all attacks.


(all technophobes and magic weak)


Start with D6 strength and D6 vigor, d4-2 smarts & suffer -2 to all Spirit (except guts) rolls, +1 toughness

Dark Sight

  • About 1 in 50 orcs are born as Ogres
  • Ogres start at +3 size, D8 Str and vigor, but at animal D12 smarts and suffer -4 to all Spirit rolls (except guts)
  • Also dark vision


Start with D6 agility and D6 Spirit, but small suffering -1 toughness



Human (as the basic rules…all Attribs start ad D4, and one free edge)

Half Breeds

  • Must take two edges and one flaw from their parents. They must also take Outsider, as neither race truely accept them. The edge may be the free edge of their Human parent.
race Edge Choice Flaw Choice
Half Dwarf Dark Sight, Edge, Tough Magic Weak, Slow
Half Elf Agile, Edge, Infravision Haughty, Technophobe
Half Goblin Agile, Spirited, Edge, Infravision Small, Technophobe, Magic weak
Half Orc Strong, Edge, Dark Sight, Big, Healthy Technophobe, Magic Weak, Thick, Low Spirit
Half Ogre Very Strong, Edge, Dark Sight, Huge, Very Healthy Technophobe, Magic Weak, Dumb, Spiritless


- Different tribes, different animals

- All are invulnerable to weapons (except silver) in animal form. In human form, they can be incapacitated, but not killed by normal weapons. Transformation heals all wounds.

- All are weak to silver at all times. Just its touch forces a vigor VS fatigue. Weapon does +2 damage

- All suffer Wanted (as some collect bounties on them)



Notes on werefolk: A ‘folk may attempt to change once per 24 hours, to each form. So, a ‘folk may transform to a wolf, and then, with second form, to a rat, then back to a man, all within the 24 hours, but cannot change from a wolf, to a man then back to a wolf. What they wear is subsumed into the animal form, but what is carried is dropped. however, if they have a way of carrying their items, in a bag in their mouths for instance, they can carry it. Most animals will have an edge to one or more senses, possibly even allowing them to track by scent, for instance. Most will have some form of natural weaponry, however some will not have effective weapons. A dog has his bite, but the bite of a wererat is nowhere near as effective. A weregator may have natural armor. The player will create a second character for each animal form. The Smarts and Spirit stay the same, and they will only have 3 points to alter the other stats, but the ref may alter the starting stas based on the form. A werebear will start with a D10 in strength, for instance. The only way to recover from the transformation fatigue is to allow the human mind to rest in animal form, and in human form, normal recovery rules apply. In other words, if suffering transformation fatigue into a wolf, if the wolf takes over, while the human mind rests, the character may recover from the Fatigue. But, the animal mind has been known to forget that they have a human form. In true animal form (what they call it when the human mind rests) a smarts must be rolled each dawn, with a – 1 cumulative penalty to remember to change back. However, the new moon will force a change to human form, and the True Form is not able to resist.


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