The Worship of the Most Divine

This is the religion of the Arkan Empire. (Think of it as a very old testament christian God) The Divine is vengeful, and judgmental, but offers vast reward to his faithful. The most common symbol of the church is the infinite symbol, and when made in 3 dimensions it is an unending circle twisted at the center…a mobius strip that has a twist to form the figure 8, on its side.

It is codified in the Five Books of the Divine:

Tarkinell Book of the Most Holy and Divine

This is the main book of the religion. It lays out what is and is not accepted by the temple Stone Work, Wood Work and Forge Work are the level of accepted technology. Anything beyond that (Both magic AND this new Technology) is "Man attempting to correct (or worse improve upon) the work of the Most Divine. It also lays out that the races known to the Divine Are the Races of the Blood of Man, The workers of the Earth, and the Dwellers in the Wood. Most read this as the Humans, the Dwarves and the Elves. Some try to include the Orcs as the Earth and Goblins as Woods, but it is not widely accepted.

Daverine Book of Worship

This is the book of Rituals. There is a condensed version, the Leywan Book

The Holy Book of Ashiel

The so called Childrens Book

The Book of Rhyn

The book of Proof

The Juma Book

The book of Right Thinking (lead to the Writ of Laws)

The Red Letters of the Divine

This “book” does not exist. It is referenced as a blasphemy in 3 of the other books, but there are no known copies of it.

In general, The elves are Shamanic in worship, and the Dwarves are ancestral. The Were are exclusively Shamanic and Mother Worship. The worship of the Divine is primarily a human religion, but there are other followers, and the Elves and Dwarves have embraced the “Burden of the Fine” from several passages of the Tarkinell book.

The White Hands

The White Hands or White Gloves are the templar Administrators. They assist the constabulary in interpretting the Writ of Law.


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