Sciences of Arkan

When designing a device, the player needs not only to decide what they want, but how they want it to work. For instance, a mechanical tech wants a repeating pistol. Fairly easy, as they have springs and clockwork to use to build a magazine or a cylinder. But the Power tech who wants something similar is somewhat more constrained. Does he use a magnetic field to accelerate “bullets” or maybe an electric switch that sets of a powder charge? And the Synergist…well, why would they want a pistol at all? Outline of designing a technical device:

  1. what does it do
    1. Does it shoot something / Carry something /self propelled?
  2. how does it do it
  3. does it have limitations or particular strengths
  4. Add up the points
  5. If it is within your capabilities
    1. Research & Draw up plans (roll for success)
      1. Research cost money and or time (more money reduces time and vice versa). It is also the most difficult piece
      2. Plans/Formulas/Schematics all take time
    2. Create it (roll for success)

If a person finds plans for something and they want to try and build it the rules are a bit different:

  1. Study the plans (roll for success). A success allows you to go to the building phase. A failure allows you to understand what it is. A spectacular failure means you will never understand it. (Note: to determine if it is in your field of study normally takes several hours and a skill roll. A failure does not identify the field, and a raise lets you know if there are any complimentary knowledges used.)
    1. Studying takes half the time of original creation
    2. Studying also takes half the points
  2. If unsuccessful, try again using half the original time and half the points
    1. If still unsuccessful further studying of the plans takes this amount of time but only 1 more pool point.
    2. yes, it can cost more to try to read someone eases plans than designing it yourself.

Creation Outline

First, decide what the creation will do. Although each of the technologies does have some overlap, they each have very specific applications that will normally be used as the basis of the design.

  • Mechanics are used to build structures. Hydraulics, armor, mechanical advantage, general machines are part of mechanics.
    • An exoskeleton that increases strength of the wearer, or pistol that self loads would be mechanics. Metal armor that is light yet strong would not be mechanics, but synergy.
  • Power is used to harness energy. Electricity, heat, life, light, gravity and atomics are part of Power.
    • A heat ray,or a null grav carrying unit would be Power. Steam power is a cross between mechanics and power. Most steam contrivances are mechanics, but if anything but wood or coal is used to heat the steam, then it would be power.
  • Synergy is used to combine various attributes. Alloys, elixirs, medicines and hybrids are all parts of Synergy.
    • Adamantium, healing elixir, or smoke generator could all be synergistics.
  • An explosive device could be created by any of the technologies. Mechanics would use spring loaded, or high pressure devices. Power would use contained heat or electricity, or maybe even nuclear devices. Finally, Synergy would create something like gunpowder, or napalm.

Sciences of Arkan

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