The threat of the Trulla

Ladies and Gentlemen- We must concern ourselves with the threat of the Trulla! They are just off our coast, and By the Divine, they are reported on our lands! A single bull Trull is a match for three of more of our ground forces. Even some of our most experienced members of this esteemed academy report the creatures nearly unstoppable. I tell you we must NOT concern ourselves with the so called report of member Suhep Edroghan. Although, by no means do I wish to cast dispersion on the House Edroghan, just upon Suhep. This “Language” that she has studied could be applied to any monkey! A grunt, a bark and waving a hand in front of your face does NOT tell me what you prefer to dine upon, unless the hand is catching an insect! We must call upon the King to sent the Scouts at the least to deal with them. Personally, I would prefer the entire force of the empires vast military would not be wasted in this effort. And, by the sale of the horn and the gall of the beast would likely pay for most of the campaign!

-Iors Oscar Morris Corncrake, before the Autumnal Council of the Empires Guild of Explorations and Expansions, commonly the Explorers Guild.

I Large Face. Not Kill Small You. I Make Earth. I Care Small I. You Not Kill Child. You Not Earth. Large You Kill I Not I. I Make Eat.

This is the actual conversation. I believe it to mean; I am called Large Face. I do not mean you harm. This is my land, my area. I have a child that I am taking care of. You must not kill this child. This is not your land, your area. Those people like you, but not you killed several of my kind. I must gather/hunt for food. I have spent over a year on Trulla Goh, and I have observed this language in several of the Trulla. I do not believe that all of them can speak it. But they all seem to understand it. It is made up of several vocal sounds, as well as gestures of their paws, for I am reluctant to call them hands. I think they are in need of our care as much, or perhaps more than the so called coarse races. Please grant me a further 10 royals to continue this research. This is what our guild is based upon. If we can embrace them, and master this language, think of all of the value they could bring to our civilization!

- Suhep Edroghan, hier to the Edroghn mines, Before the Autumnal Council of the Empires Guild of Explorations and Expansions, commonly the Explorers Guild.

The threat of the Trulla

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