Who are the Werefolk

We are not what most think of us. Most fear us. They fear us, because they fear our strength. They fear us, because we are them, but we are different. They fear us because they know little else but fear. We were once them, but we are them no more. We are us. We were once them, but we loved the world, our Mother. We knew we are no different than any of her other children. The hare, smaller than us. The bear, bigger. The turtle, slower. The hunting cat, faster. We are no different. But now we are different. We worshiped the Mother, and pledged our protection to all of our brothers and sisters. She blessed us. She blessed us to be those brothers and sisters. But Our Mothers Mother, the Moon, ruled us. And Grandmother protects us from all the metals of the mother, but for Her metal, and so we are forbidden to touch her sacred metal. But know the wolf brothers fight the other wolf brothers, and so our Mother took many of our gifts. Now, few have any form but their own and their sister. So now, some are wolf brothers, some sisters of the cat, some brother of the hare, some sister of the owl. But we are few. Now a tribe numbers fewer than a quarter moon. Many are the only survivor of their tribe. But some of us, we worship Mother and Grandmother, asking every night and every day, that they forgive the trespass of our ancestors against each other, that we may protect our brothers as we once did, so that we may share the lives of all again. Go now, elf cub. Tell our two foot brothers that we do not hunt them. Tell them not to fear us, for once we were them. And maybe again, they can be us.

-As written by Murwindee Leafwhistle, as told by Brubica, Sow Sister

I thought no one knew of me. I heard all the stories when I was a whelp, but that was before my mother was killed just the other side of a door, while I hid under a bed. We were no brother of anything. We were men, who could be rats. She was killed in Barago. Probably for a bounty. I know that they are out there now. Killing my people, just cause we was differ’nt. Well…I made my way to Hulafir, and from there learned that my “other” shape worked quite well to pick up a coin, or a sparkly stone…But I tried no to make any friends…Those that get close, have a good chance of seeing us in the change. I guess thats what happened to me. Ariella stopped coming after the full moon last moon…and then you show up with your burning rope. Yes…it still burns. Like my hands was on fire and my feet were in acid. There is no secret. I just do it, and my ma just did it too. Look! I don’t know nuthin about extra innards…what are you doing?

-Last words of subject 11, witnessed and self proclaimed wererat. It called itself Lonux. I will have to use Selina Devit more often, as this is the third successful subject…

Who are the Werefolk

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