(ARCH-ane) (me-CHANIC)

Characters of Archanic

Follow the normal rules for creating a Savage worlds character, with these Modifications.

Rule changes for Archanic

Because of the unique setting, there are a few rule changes beyond the character creation. Check Here







The Empire of the Arkanos

The Empire of the Arakanos is based out of the City of Arkan, the first Human city on the land of Atavar. Magic traditionally has been the way of the world, making minor magic available everywhere. Technology is becoming more popular, making tech to the flintlock level available as well. However, the latest tech craze is the steam engine. It is being used to power mills, and even to run the new cog wheel carts. Few people are willing to devote the time needed to become true Mages or Technologists, and the ancient Fine Races have found that they have definite proclivities toward one or the other. The Coarse Races have no talent for either, and humans, with their infinite versatility are equally adept at either one.

Technology and Magic are absolute opposites, where any of the normal minor magics will cease operating in the presence of anything more than the wheel locks, and those minor tech devices will cease to operate in the presence of more powerful magic.

The HumanRaces have begun to take sides, however. Arkan is a powerful magic city ruled by King Westron, and his advisers, a near absolute monarchy. Hulafir City is now home to the Hulafir Senate, a guild of Technologist who are suing for a more representative government. Although technically under the rule of the Arkan Monarch, the Hulafira are very close to open civil war. Add to this the Ristope, a force of “barbarians” who have caused the first major losses of the Arkanic Empire on the northern frontier. ) No one even talks about the folly of the Savage Wars anymore.)

So, game starts: Elves support magic, Dwarves support technology. Human fight among themselves along these same lines, and have put secret forces into each others camps. The Empire, still surviving, but on the brink of civil war is fighting a war that, for the first time, finds itself facing more than a match, and there are reports of very strange occurrences from those who return from the battle, some saying they faced technology that magic couldn’t defeat, others swearing that it was unstoppable magic. Or perhaps it is some unholy alliance with worlds beyond?

Fort Broadland is the front line. Gold and lightmetal come from the mines there, but these mines require huge security. Gold and lightmetal, a metal that seems to be the exact opposite of gold, light enough that it can float, and dull, almost leadlike, grey, are both of use to technologists and arcanists. Lightmetal further lives up to its name, as with little technological or magical excitation it begins to glow with a cold white light.

For magic and tech items.