Savage Archanic

A fight and a Steam car

In this session, Cpt Icarus challenged the Orc cheif for the sword, winning and killing the chief.Cecily claimed the steam car antique, and they pulled/pushed it all the way back to Hawthorne Towne.


I will say, I am surprised at the turnout of the fight. Icarus managed to best the beast, if through some rather unseemly tactics. But it worked. We got the sword and managed to get the Steamcar as well. Miss Cecily is quite the wonder of a Mechanic. The Cog has truly gifted her. We managed to get further along with it before sundown, and even got it as far as the cache, which allowed her opportunity to get it more stable of a ride. Shame we were unable to get it moving under its own power, though, for lack of sufficent water.

Lord Eaton was certainly pleased to see us return with the sword. His generosity and hospitality were also welcome, letting us stay there for the night, Though Icarus’s invitation to join him was probably a mistake, as my head would tell me the next day. I still say it was not the better quality drink we were being served, as I’ve never felt that pained after a night of celebration. My injuries are slow to heal, but coming along. Too much time on the trail has left it to slowly bind itself. Perhaps a way to power the healing process further…

A fight and a Steam car
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