Savage Archanic


Darious L'meaux

I don’t understand what just happened; we were riding on the Cog Train when it crashed, when I poked my head out to see what had happened, I was shot, twice! It was the red hats; they toppled the train and shot me, time for action. After biting away the pain I dropped to the ground and leveled my rifle and took out one of the red hat wearing bastards, then dropping the now empty rifle, I took out my bow and
killed another, one after another they fell, until all were dead or downed. We searched the people for survivors and found 3, then the marquis took the 2 elves to go talk about something, and the without reason he just, let them go. LET THEM GO!?! These people just tried to kill us and they ruined Imperial property, these Idiots at least need jail time, and that pompous idiot sent them on their way. If it were not for Roman being against killing them as well only the human would have walked away from there. After we checked for innocent survivors, we found a worker who had a broken leg; he assisted us toward Hawthorn Town. That night I couldn’t sleep, I reveled in that hate all night; I haven’t felt such loathing since I got my team killed. I don’t trust that marquis and I think he may have an agenda that conflicts with my own…


MasterGameMaster sacredfire80

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