Savage Archanic

Drink and the devil had done for the rest...

Did you ever wonder if you had too much to drink? due to my chosen profession, I get that feeling more often than not, but I don’t ever pay too much mind. The night before I sat down in the pub with enough coin for a pint. About half way down the tankard, I heard a commotion out back. Naturally I had to see what in all seven seas it was. There was a tussle happening between a couple of young bachelors. Apparently there was a young wench whose finger those poor drunk fools wanted to put a ring on. Theres something about wenches that I’ve always liked. There has yet to be wench or young maiden that the words of a drunken pira… I mean, privateer that don’t make their bloomers hit the floor. When the officials finally took the boys away, I had the wenches fetch me a couple more pints. both the boys had taken off their personal effects, which happened to include two fairly full coin pouches. You could say that I Jumped for joy, since the troubled youths felt that they should buy me a couple of drinks for inconveniencing me so badly. From there on its a blur, but I do remember waking up with the wench. It had to have been a good night for my body to be this sore, and on the other hand its probably good that she is gone, cause’ if my head hurts this bad, she was probably one of the worlds worst nags… Probably can’t go back to that bar again, but I got some loot out of it.


Very good…very flavorful..well worth the bennie!

MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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