Savage Archanic

End of a Legacy

Captain Icharus

Wow… Did you just see that mates? what? no, a dragon! just over the mountain ridge! Wow, I can’t even… What? what the hell is a drake! whatever, dragon or drake, it’s still amazing! It reminds me of a story my father used to tell me when I was a wee scamp. It started with a knight of old legends, who had lost everything. His wife died of plague, his son was taken by the evil lord and his land was burned. The only thing he had left was his armor, his steed, and his sword. He sought the destruction of the lord, but his fortress was impenetrable. So he went to the towns see, trying to find a force to follow him into battle, but no-one else had the courage to stand up to the tyrant. So what did he do? he traveled out to the mountains, to seek council from the hermits, and when he found them, the didn’t say anything to him, all they did was motion from the clouds to the mountain, then they would bow towards the fort. The knight traveled for years trying to interpret what they were saying. His travels brought him through great caves, corrupt towns and ancient ruins. The Lord heard about what the knight was planning to do, and put a price on his head. So, he rode into town one day, and when people saw who he was, they raised their pitchforks and axes, they yelled in anger and greed, and they attacked the lone knight, wanting the reward from his bounty. Not wanting to harm innocents, he abandoned his steed and ran from the town. He ran for a day, maybe even more, and when he came to rest on the river side, he looked at his aging reflection. He washed his face and stared deeply into the sky through the reflections. He heard a noise, and looked around, seeing nothing he went to rinse his face once more, but as he looked down a shadowed figure flew along the length of the river. He stood and brandished his sword as the giant winged beast circled him. He finally realized what the hermits were saying. He pointed his sword to the dragon just as they had done to the sky. the Two fought for hours, and just as the knight thought that fate had finally decided it was his time to fall, his blade struck home, driving deep under the scales, just as the hermits had done towards the mountain. However he knew he would never bow before the lord. Then he had another idea. He returned to the fortress and turned himself in. He was brought straight to the lord to be executed. Thinking it would be amusing, the evil lord decided to have the knight and his steward fight to the death. Assured in his victory, the knight slew the young man, When he removed his helmet, he realized who he had just killed. He knelt down taking his son in his arms, and put his head to the ground, just as the hermits had done towards the fort.It was just then that fate struck him. the lord, laughing at his plan, was too occupied to see the knight as he drove his sword through his heart. I’ll warn you now mates,if you hadn’t guessed, this story doesn’t end well. There, in the throne room of the evil lords fort, the lone knight stood, his son dead, and his one true enemy dying on his sword. Skilled warrior as he was, he was unarmed, and feeling the release of fate, it wasn’t long after that, with the late lords guard’s help, he felt the sweet release of death. That’s how I want to go out. a mighty death, putting all of your life troubles to rest by the blade, and die with no more worldly weights on my shoulders… Hell I wouldn’t mind killing a dragon… that’s the kind of thing people sing about right? isn’t that what makes a hero?


MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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