Savage Archanic

Flight of a jail-bird

Captain Icharus P. Wylde

One whole year is enough. Word must have gotten out about the capture of Icharus Wylde. I myself am quite surprised that there wasn’t an execution planned. I would’ve like that, in all the stories of a tyrannical king, the most exciting scenes are execution escapes, but just a normal bust should be just fine, and keep a low enough profile on me to get out of the kings city and back down to riddlesworth without any real issues. My cell mate is quite an interesting lad. A young half-orc by the name of Brunt put away for life for theft. It’s an extreme punishment for such a petty crime, but that’s the big reason why I’d be happy to bust him out with me! My plan is simple… well, alright, my plan was long and complicated and had a very small margin for success, but luckily for me Brunt ain’t as dumb as all the halfers are made out to be! So, as I was saying, our plan is quite simple. First, when the warden comes by to bring us the evening meal, after he’s put it in, I’ll begin to pummel Brunt with the tray to get him to come in and break us up. That’s our cue to bounce. We’ll rough up the warden and I’ll switch uniforms with him so it doesn’t look too suspicious when I’m escorting brunt to the wardens office. Once we’re there we’ll grab the keys to the equipment room to retrieve our belongings. Getting out from there is the exciting part!

Brunt says he knew a lad who used to clean the prison cells and walks, but on occasions they would have him sweep out the storage spaces and one day he happened upon an old escape route that was dug out by someone before us! It goes straight down and out into the cities sewer system. Not my most ideal location for a getaway but it’ll have to do! apparently theres a barrel bolted to the floor and that’s our key out. but… here’s where my plan takes over! once we’ve found the barrel, I’ll send Brunt ahead to scout it out and make sure it’s all still accessible and I’ll get the attention of a couple guards. Once they’ve seen me, I’ll announce my self and disappear into the cell and down the barrel! from there we’ll find our way through the tunnel into the sewers… It shouldn’t be too hard, just follow the smell. Once we’ve gotten through the sewers, we’ll wait for the cover of night to arrange with traders to move us out via wagon. Once I’m out of the city, I’ll be moving on foot. Much slower, but it’s safer, and there’s no chance of being double crossed!

The trip has been long… to say the least. Brunt and I have stopped for the night in hawthorne town, and this is also where we split paths. He has his family to find… and oddly enough, so do I! Just being back here brings back memories, but I have no time to stay. The only town I know that I can stay in without risk of being turned in is Port Riddlesworth, and I know I’ll never make it through the fortune swamps on my own, so I’ll take a boat around them and straight to Cotton mouth docks… My old house should still be up, My pa built it, and never sold it, so it may not be the prettiest place, but it’ll be home for a while! I found wanted posters of me on a bulletin luckily for me, my hair has grown out since they saw me last…I almost look like my old self again! But I took one, and i’ve sent it to cecily with a simple note. “Fancy a drink? I’ll buy first round at the Adders hide in Riddlesworth.” I’ve left it unsigned, she should know… but now is not the time for getting distracted. I have the final stretch of my break out and this birds wings need a rest if he’s going to fly again before the sun is up!


Figure I should explain the change in tenses… It’s written to go as if the first part were written inside of his cell, and when it switches he’s finishing his note in a hiding spot somewhere in Hawethorn town

Flight of a jail-bird

Guess we will need to set up some online games, eh!

Flight of a jail-bird
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