Savage Archanic

Motivational Warrants and auspicious commissions.


Well. As badly as we all wanted out of Hullifer, we stayed there a month before we finally got the lead out and worked out what to do. We did spend it recuperating and laying low. I am amazed at how much I slept. I did, however, work on the plans for Icharus’ wings, and even though he says he has given up on the idea of being an airship captain as it is a childish dream, I still feel indebted to him and want to make him something that could save his life like he saved mine that day… not just anyone would throw themselves off a mountainside to save a falling girl.

But. Back to our departure from Hullifer. It started with the barkeep taking me aside and informing me “that red headed fella” was no longer welcome within the guild hall. Seems a warrant was issued for his arrest. According to the constable who came looking, one Icharus Wylde is wanted for questioning concerning his use of an official commissioned title… Captain. Dismayed and not sure how to go about telling Icharus he could not stay any longer I returned to the table where we were all breaking our fast, only to have the barkeep then ask us if we might be interested in a commission to the Trulla Islands. We looked at each other, some of us nodding and shrugging, others eyebrows raised in curiosity we agreed that we might be interested in such a commission. We then retired with the barkeep to his private office to discuss the terms of the commission. We all agreed that we could take on a journey to the abandoned fort there on the islands in the hopes of retrieving something belonging to an aristocrat’s grandfather. During the discussion the topic of burbears came up and Icharus and I talked about the one burbear we knew that was kept as a pet. This sparked the barkeep’s interest, and after asking us a few more questions he excused himself. When he returned he apologized and presented us with a sealed box…. from The Jeddic himself. Within were several black rubies a black iron spike and a scroll The scroll was him telling us he had been posted to Ristopia to beware Doman Leandra, who had taken exception to something Ich and I had done. Tucking it all away, we firmly agreed to the commission, accepted the five royals and began our preperations to travel to Hawthorn Town where the aristocrat would see us to give us the details we might need in order to succeed.

It is with quiet excitement that I look forward to the journey. The cograil is due to leave tomorrow morning and I have procured the mage car along with cargo space for the M.U.L.E. Now we only have to get through the night without being incarcerated or inebriated and we will be on our way to another new start. I find it funny, now, it could be the port I have been sipping, here in this quiet corner of the tap room, but, it is funny how the last time I went looking for a new start I wound up on the cograil to Hawthorne Town. This time I travel with companions, some old, some new, but none of them companions of my heart. I think, perhaps, I shall be condemned to companions kept at a distance for it is proven to me that young men of good standing are not interested in young women who have had their lives uprooted and their good standing somewhat tarnished and who have stepped out to take care of themselves. There. That IS the port talking… of that I am sure. Now. To see to my trunk and then to bed. The cograil awaits!


MasterGameMaster AMKoenig

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