Savage Archanic

Now that the king is dead, long live the king

Icharus Wylde

I never thought it would come to this. I always thought… No, I knew, I would be the one to show the damned crew of my old ship that anyone of the Wylde tribe was a damned force to be reckoned with, but it turns out it was the brutal force of mother nature, or the ristopians, or the imperial navy, whichever of the three, it sure as hell weren’t me. I have nothing more to live for, my one goal ripped straight from my hands, like I ripped my father from my mothers. She always said ghost will haunt you forever, and now I know that to be the truth. Both of my parents have followed me ever since I was left on the shore. Even hero’s cast a shadow. and all a shadow is, is a physical embodiment of our guilts, or secrets, fears, and everything that makes us human, or elf, ork, dwarf, ristopian… or a living being I suppose. But Recently I feel that my shadow has been made of lead. Weighing down my every movement, and t first I thought that I was just getting old, but now I know it’s one simple thing. The fact that I have been the damned pirate that I have been fighting so hard to rid the land of. and if stories have ever taught me anything, it’s that Pirates can’t be hero’s. I need to be brought to my own damned justice, whether it be a jail sentence, or even better, a one way ticket to a chopping block. That’d be my only sure way to rid me of my lead shadow. I can’t just disappear like that however… i have commitments, and people who look for me. people who like me and look up to me, see me as a hero… So here we go, I’ll have to write to Cecily and then leave it to the fates.

“Dearest Cecily**

I’m going to turn myself in. I have no reason to continue my futile escape from Westrin. I am not taking Ox with me, so I’m going to leave him with you, as well as all of my valuable items. Going to ristope to recover my old ship would only make things worse for me. My one only chance to rid my conscience of all of my short comings is the longest sentence possible. King Westrins Jail will hopefully set this old pirate out of his ways. When it comes to feeding ox however, red meet only. He doesn’t like anything else. but of course you already knew that. will you forgive me for leaving you without actually saying good-bye? i can’t believe it has to end at this bring my coat to Riddlesworth and put it on the grave of my father. It was his coat anyway. It’s in the third tear of graves, marked with a naval hero’s medal. but I want you to take the rings, and put them with my mother. She’s in a grave marked with two black angels. That’s all I ask, and that you don’t come and try to break me out. Even though we’ve only traveled together for a year, I feel like I know you better than I knew them both. Take good care of Ox, and Victoria, and if for whatever reason my coat does not make it to my fathers grave, feel free to keep it. I never really liked the old Git in his old age anyway. I need this time, I think. There’s some people I’m hoping to see there anyway!

Love Captain Icharus P. Wylde

P.S. I don’t use a chemical to get the color of my hair! when I was born, my mother used a cantrip to alter it’s color so people wouldn’t know I was the son of a pirate."

Ballocks to it all! I’m only turning myself in to prove I can get out! I left a message just for her… I know she’s a smart lass, but I was sure to make it obvious so she doesn’t worry! A moment of weakness and a night of drinking can lead to a lot of different things… even the fall of a hero… and you know what? I may not be the people’s hero, but I sure as hell am a hero of the gutters! I stand for all those who don’t see the king as supreme, and those who feel wronged by the empire! I Am Captain Icharus Percy Wylde, and i am the king of those damned to poverty. I am the hero of the impure born, the warrior of the unjust, and the angel of the gears! Now that the old king of the bandits is dead, long live the king! Me! And, I never back out of a challenge! I have two people who have to feel the cold bite of Victoria’s silver! The Ristopians who hid, and operated inside of Hawthorn town I will have that axe! and I will put blood hunter down! Not to mention, that damned quartermaster… Stay safe Cecily… stay away from ledges, because, even though I may be a jail bird, this bird ain’t flyin’ yet!


Really very good! It definitely leaves the possibility of gaming (probably on line) with Nikolai as well!

MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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