Savage Archanic

Yo-ho-ho and... you know the rest

{Read this as if you were around the table with him at the pub}

Don’t mind if I take this seat do ya mate? good! Drinks are on me for tonight. What? you wanna know where me and my friend got these lovely pre-scars? Well boyoh lemme tell ya! Sit right there and I’ll tell ya! We went out about a week ago, Some stout lord sent us out to get a very very nice sword. The very sword that caused me these ruby tattoos. Anyway… One night out from the fort that said sword was held in, a group of orcs decided that they’d be smart and approach the camp, swords raised high, screaming their battle crys! The poor sods had no idea who they were dealing with. With a little help from Nikki here, and our lovely ms.McNittle I was able to take the raiding party captive. When they came to they had realised their error. I questioned the groveling orcs to where the sword was. They told me that their Chieften had it, and that he was not going to let it go. I laughed in their faces and that following hour we marched them up to the fort. When we got close enough the savage creatures yelled and shouted at us, I handed back their soldiers in exchange to challenge their chief. The brute erupted from the masses and accepted my trial of strength. The fight was awesome! But the beast tried to land a few blows below the belt, but I was too quick. Then finaly It lost its footing and fell, and seeing my opertunity I struck out and drove my blade through its heart! I claimed my prize and with that pay roll, I earned the money to buy tonights refreshments!


Is more or less de truth he is tellink. Dere are a few inconsistencies wif it, but yes, he did challange Big Orc boss and beat him rather soundly.

Yo-ho-ho and... you know the rest
MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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