A goblin's life

Mine mutter and fahter was free borned out in t’ savages. I’ze raced with a bed an a roof. I works hard unner d’ streets uh hawforn, but I’ze always got a meal when I wake and one for I go a sleepin. My keeper is a taller, um, uh ‘ooman, an it keeps alla us purdy good. I ain’ been beat for long time, cause I does what is told. When Grit runned off masser Lundy were real mad, an he sended sum udders to go look for Grit. None of dem cum’d back, and masser Lundy say dey all went off a wilds, and was likely killt by goblins what was wild. De wild goblins aint like us cause dey don know bout the ‘sponsibility dat masser Lundy got for teachin us. I can even read d’ glyphs a my name!

-Dergo, sewer slave

(Translated from Goursuk)

All of the big folk never treat us well. We are children of the sky and the woods. We take what we need, because we can. If the big folk, or even other of ours can not keep us from it, it belongs to us. We are given to what we can take. We care for what we have. When our sisters pup, maybe (this many, one hand) from the litter of (this many, three hands) lives, and they are strongest and fastest. We can speak to the woods and the animals as no others can, but for the eaters (? literal translation, not certain of the meaning). When they take us, they make us go away from the wood and the sky, so we can only talk to stones. No one of us ever should talk with stones.

-Turugo, hunter of Bent Bone tribe

A goblin's life

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