A Human Choice

Not a fair race, but there are quite a few of us who have been favored by a mother or a father of them. Not a coarse race, but, there are a number of us who suffer with their blood as well…but we all have the blood of man, and their is no other blood like it. Man blood burns for maybe 60 years. When mixed with the fine, maybe 75. With the coarse, it may burn out around 50. So we don’t have decades to ask about why elemental magic makes a blue spark, or why power technology make a red one. We just use it! But we use it like the Divine himself was making us. Sometimes, we stumble on a new way to use a spell, or create a new steam hammer, but mostly, we use it. We run the Empire! The Westron line is pure man blood! We outnumber all of the Fine races, maybe 3 to one. Yes, the coarse races outnumber us, but they are so busy squabbling they will never be any more than a nuisance. So we use our position. The elves and the dwarves like to think they rule the Empire from the shadows, or through debate, but they cannot force us to do anything we do not accept. Our Empire will Rule the world. We will defeat or obtain peace with the Ristopians and then nothing will keep us from it!

-Caroline Pochard, Educator and philosopher

Humans have no role. We have no niche. But we can become anything. Our age has nothing to do with it. It is the drive of human curiosity. By the Divine’s Darkness, that is where some of us come from! The war kills us in too great of numbers. There are too many of us that go out to seek to expand this doddering “Empire” and never return. It is time to allow each of the races their own homelands. Divide by population. The Orcs won’t understand this concept, so we will still need to teach them, and the goblins will probably continue their cowardly raiding, but otherwise we have plenty of land. We need to break free of the ancient rules and rulers and be truly free. Exchange between the races as each man wishes. Wealth and power are now in the hands of too few. If each man is given a place and a chance, this power will redistribute. The imbalance will return to balance. We are driven as few others…the elves delay evermore any decision, the dwarves debate endlessly on how to weigh stone! Break free. Become yourself. Throw off the tyrannical yoke!

-Bennet Perry, educator and theif

A Human Choice

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