An Elves View

The Truest of the fair folk, the Fae, or the Elf, take our role as caretaker deeply to heart. We are caretakers of the Human races, who are short lived, and so short sighted. We are caretakers to the Deep Dwellers, who do not know the sun and the wind, and are so often buried that their senses and morals suffer. We are caretakers of the coarse races, who like the races of man are short lived, and do not take to civilization; preferring the unenlightened existence until we show them the joys of proper living. Though some see the Fair Race burden to include all but elves, the Dwarves have a sense of civilization as well as understanding the greater need to help the coarse ones. The folk of men are confusing. Some see the need for civilization, and thus, with our help, built the beloved First City. But some, prefer hedonism and reject the greater need of all people. Perhaps that is due to the amount of Coarse blood among their folk. We are caretakers of the natural order and protectors of magic, offering keen insight into the dangers of this new tech, which forces nature to respond rather than gently guides it in the way of magic. We are finally caretakers of the land, protecting it from the dwarves who would continue to scar it deeply, as well as the coarse and monstrous races who do not realize that life is balance.

- Yanwee GreenLife, Forest Warden

Caretakers! Faugh! Many of my brothers and sisters see it as their DUE from all the other races to bow before their BENEVOLENT Masters! Elves can be more ruthless than any of the Trulla, as we have the keen mind and the mastery of magic to enforce any or our desires. I have known goblins that care more for their brood than some of the most high born Fae do for theirs. Our long life makes separates us from all of the other races, making us callous to the needs of those who are so short lived. And why should we support the Fair Race Burden? because it lines the pockets of those in charge. The sell of “Servents” and slaves goes to make their lifes easy, and most of the Catchers work for one of the three famlies, anyway. Sure, I’m Fae, and yes, I do find the races of man quixiotic, and I think that technology may be the future. If that is so, my brethrean are doomed to suffer as all the races have under them.

- Rie’all, bookmaker

An Elves View

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