Life in the Arkan Empire

The Arkan Empire, under King Eogalas Westron, Westron IX is a place of peace and dynamic growth. Magic and the new Technology are continuing to make the lives of our populace easier and more fulfilling. The empire ranges across the Atavar lands, and onto Hool. There are outposts at over a dozen known lands. The only true difficulty is the heathen savages of Ristope and we are near to concluding the open hostilities and bringing the wealth of those lands back to further enrich our citizens. The Hulafir Senate provides wisdom and guidance on the use of our daily increasing technology, with the Watch Lord, Beufort Duchamp III, providing the King’s gentle hand. With the Divine leadership of The True Church by His Worship Anstruther Kingsly Kirksby and his White Watch, each day looks to be brighter and more prosperous than the last.

- His Grace, Doma Buck Lafon Brasbridge IV
Doma of Northern Quarter

If you believe all that slugga, I got a mansion on Trulla Highth for sale; cheap! The Doma says all that cause he should, and it prob’ly is so for him. The Empire is crumbling. The Elves have pushed King Wasted too far. The Hulafir Senate has all but declared itself independent of the Empire. No one has seen hide nor hair of DuChamp for the best part of a year. The Ristopians still have the upper hand at Borderlands, just ask any of the soldiers. There is a prison colony on Hool where people like me go when they get caught. The True Church has turned to the worship of the almighty gold royal and the Divine Presence has all but forsaken us. The White gloves are effectively assassins and torturers for Kirksby. The only place you can be fairly certain that the lad next to you at the pub is not a glove ready to turn you in is Riddlesworth, where they may not fear to go, but when they are found they often end up “lost” in the Fortunes

- Laughing Man, of the Arkan Originals

Life in the Arkan Empire

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