The military of the Arkan Empire is somewhat convoluted. In general, the military is divided into a Ground Force, a Wet Force, a Scouting Force and the relatively new Air Service. There is also the Merchant Service, but most consider it to be a subset of the Scouting Force, that includes some of the Wet Force. The Ground Force is a traditional army and gets a significant amount of practice by being shipped to Fort Borderland. The Wet Force is fairly small, and is used mostly to carry Ground forces to Ristope and Hool. However, there is a branch of the Wet Force, that some call the Wet Scouts, but are actually called the Fleet Exploratory. Their job is to take Wet Force ships to places they have never gone to claim lands and good for the Empire. They have formed Explorer Outposts on the lands of Luva and Tuni, often bringing significant riches from them. The Air Service has been around for about 40 years, and has steadily grown. Currently there are 8 airships owned by the service. There are some small airships that are not owned by the empire however, but the Air Service has orders to destroy any non-Arkan airships on sight. Finally the Scouting Force is used to carry out small skirmishes and to ride long scout of most forces. The Scouters usually are quite independent and rough rapscallions.


Ground Force

  • Commanders and Soldi
    – The Force is a professional force and roughly has 1 of each rank for every 5 of the next lower rank
    - There are 3 Ghenal at any given time
  • Ghenal
  • Dalten
  • Temup
  • Reeg
    - The Soldi Rank of Quorn actually outranks the Reeg in the field, but in garrison they do not. There are around 100 – 125 Quorn at any time.
  • Quorn
  • Brava1
  • Sura1
  • Soldi
    Wet Force
  • Hara, Yolo and the Mutu (the Mutts)
    – The wet force is made up of the officers, the Hara, tha sailors, Yolo, and the workers, the Mutu. The Hara are professional military folk. The Yolo are just that…sailors. At Chosen rank and above, they are skilled fighters as well and often perform marine type duties. The Mutts are often little more than slaves or servants and are often from the course races. Their duties are cleaning, maintenance, oar duty and sail setting.

The number of Hara on a ship depends on its size. Also, though smaller than the Ground force, they tend to think of themselves as a cut above them.

  • Hara
  • Ohn
  • Yarrow (Every vessel has a Yarrow. On some he may be 1/5 of the crew and the only Hara)
  • Lavorn
  • Turk
  • Leat

The Yolo make up the bulk of the Wet Force. All of the professional sailors are Yolo. It is very rare for a Yolo to be promoted to the Hara ranks, but a good portion of the Yolo are made up of skilled Mutts.

  • Skall1
  • Rimma1
  • Chosen1
  • Turin
  • Yolo

H4. The Mutu are divided into two ranks the skilled and the unskilled:

  • Mutlo
  • Mutu (or Mutt)

Scouting Force

- THe Scouting Force, or the Scouters are usually informal about their rank, but will use it when needed. Unlike many of the other services, the higher ranked scouts have more experience than someone of a lower rank. In the other services, a rank may be purchased or awarded for service, the Scouters only promote within their own ranks, and at least 2 of the new rank must concur before the promotion occurs. The ranks are considers Scouts and trackers. Many a man hunter (or slaver) has served at least some time in the Scouting forces h4. Scouts; In general scouts are rangers or seekers
  • Jeddick (an elven term for long hunter)
  • Krikav (a dwarven term for deep miner)
  • Scout

Trackers; The trackers serve as hunters, or lead forces along trails

  • Shadow1
  • Skeer1 (a coursa word for one who follows)
  • Tracker

Merchant Services

The Merchant Service is merchants who also serve a military capacity. By law, at least 10% of any merchant vessel must be part of the Merchant Service. The merchant fall under all other services and they have no rank, per say, but the junior is always the one who has less time on sea vessels. They are all trained to fight aboard ship, but are rarely as skilled as a Chosen of the Wet Force. There are entire ships who serve this service, but they are often regarded as Corsairs.

Air Service

The Air Service is the smallest service, and many will say the most elitist. All of the airships of the Service belong to the Air Service. The ships are:

MAGIC: Stryker, Immediate, Dominant, and Rapid. The Quickening was a magic ship.
TECHNOLOGY: Eagle, Wolf, Storm, and Hunter. The Wyrm was a technology ship.

(The Prize is not part of the Air Service, and is magically powered. It contains about 90% of the Lightmetal in the Empire.)

- The Air service has roots in the Wet service, but do have a few ranks of their own:
They are divided into the Hara and the Drail. There is only one Hara on each ship.



1 All of these ranks can be called the generic Sergeant


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