The Burden of a Dwarf

Being one of the proud folk is not always glamorous. The Fae are addle headed, due to, if you asked me, all of the magic they deal with. And though we share a burden with them to care for all the other races of our empire, they are often to frivolous with this task. Add to that, the fact that they are at such ease with manipulating the universe, and it is easy to see how they can find it just as easy to try and manipulate the peoples of the universe. We are truly reverent to the earth and her bounty. We worship those that have returned to the stone as highly as we worship the Divine. Our word is the blood and bone of the empire. We form staunch units of the Ground service, as well as the Scouting service, but our connection with the earth makes very few of us on the water and even less with our backsides above the trees, and even the tops of the greatest of the Hulafir Mountains. We are the ones that have proven the ways of the universe is not to be influenced by the mind, but to be observed. Soon, perhaps, we will be able to prove the laws of magic just as the laws of technology, and this might allow our families to use it as well. We do not understand abstract. what is, is. What is not, can not, should not, be. We support the Empire, but we need to be recognized as needing laws for us, not just the Fae, and the Senate is being heard for this, and soon, the empire will be all the stronger for the more freedom of the the Earth Brothers, the Dwarves.

- Groshlig Deepholer, Stone shaper

We are finally out from under the elves, and now we can meet them on equal ground, but choose carefully for magic is old and established, and our technology is young, and strong, but is not as well placed. The Humans Started Arkan to wall themselves from the elves. They failed. The humans built Hulafir Town to protect them from the elves, and with our strong backs, they have succedded. But, for too many years the Watch Lord was an Empire stooge. Now for the first time, he is more accepting of the ways of the Senate. The Empire can be a good thing…look at teh riches from Tuli, the spice from Jonju. But it must be more accepting of the ways of the people, and that means the men folk as well as the tame of the coarse races. The possiblity for a bright future stands near the crest of the mountain, but it also stands balanced on a cliff.

- Burbukan Redforge, Forge thief

The Burden of a Dwarf

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